Turkish Culture – Best Mix of East & West

Balanced diversity in Turkish Culture is the key to success in modern Turkey.

Turkish culture represents a beautiful harmony between people from different countries and religions. Turkey is inarguably one of the most culturally diverse countries in the region. Having been home to some of the oldest civilizations, the country is home to a diverse variety of cultures from various corners of the world. The country’s cultural elements have been significantly influenced by cultures from Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, and Caucasian traditions. The multi-religious and multi-ethnic Ottoman Empire united these traditions and established a diverse culture that is currently evident in Turkey.

There is a flawless mix of the East and the West, not only in the major cities, but the rest of the country as well. Most of the facilities located across the country are influenced by both the western and eastern cultures. Being a popular tourist attraction, Turkey definitely hosts numerous clubs and restaurants. Most of these facilities have a general western feel to them. The designs of the clubs and how they operate are similar to how clubs are built and run in western countries. The mosques on the other hand are more Eastern.

The exceptional mix of the East and West in Turkey is facilitated by various factors. The liberal religious views of the country is one of the major factors. Turkey is more welcoming of various cultures as compared to the other western countries. It is therefore easy for a culture to be established and adopted by the residents and citizens. The new cultures then spread to various sectors from the accommodation to the architectural styles through to cuisines among several others.

The exceptional mix of the East and West in Turkey makes the experience of the country even more exciting. You will find it relatively easy to blend in. The variety also opens up a number of opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to establish a business in the country.

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