Turkish Cuisine

The place where the kebab and doner was born!

Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world given its diverse and long heritage. The amazing cuisine draws inspiration from Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Central Asian and Balkan Cuisines. A wide variety of delectable dishes constitute the Turkish cuisine.

The methods of preparation and the subsequent outcomes vary across the country. While in some areas preparation involves lighter usage of spices, other areas prepare dishes that are very spicy. This ensures that there is a delicious meal for everyone who travels to or lives in the country.

Zeytin Yağlı or Vegetable Dishes

A wide range of vegetable dishes are served across Turkey. Zeytin Yağlı are dishes that are prepared with olive oil and no meat. Most of these dishes are served cold. They are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. Common Zeytin Yağlı dishes are Yaprak Sarma, Dolma and Taze Fasulye. There are also a number of meat-based dishes that you can enjoy in the country.

Turkish Dishes with Meat

Some of the common Turkish dishes with meat include the following:

Karnıyarık: This dish comprises of onion, minced meat, tomato filling, garlic and parsley.

Lahmacun: Is a pizza-like dish that has finely minced meat and onion toppings as well as spices sprinkled on flaky thin dough. How it is served varies from place to place.

Kurufasulye: The dish that is comprised of beef can be cooked in two different ways. Either with or without meat.

There are various other dishes that are a popular part of the Turkish cuisine. These include:

  • Kebaps
  • Döner
  • Köfte
  • Mantı

There are also side dishes such as Pilav, Bulgur Pilavı, Fried vegetables. Mücver as well as Cacık.

If you are not sure about a dish and how it might react with your tummy, it is prudent to stay away from greasy or spicy foods.

Move to Turkey

Your perfect home is waiting for you in this gorgeous country.

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