Transportation in Turkey

Modern transportation, both within Turkey and outside

Turkey has made significant infrastructural achievements over the years. The famous transcontinental country has invested heavily in various transportation platforms ranging from rail, road to air transport. The Istanbul Metro is one of the country’s most essential transportation facilities. It is a rapid transport railway that serves Istanbul. Run by Metro Istanbul, the railway network has six lanes and others under construction.

Turkey boasts of a wide variety of public transport systems. Road is a popular way to travel in Turkey. There are quite a number of local buses and minibuses in all the towns and cities. They are not only easily available but also affordable and convenient. To use these transport systems, you can purchase a small ticket and load it with credit. This can then be used for metro, buses as well trams and ferries. There are also numerous taxies with designated taxi stops at strategic locations. Overground trams are available in the cities as well and provide an ideal means of transport.

The metro system in Turkey is a fast-rising sector. Both surface and underground rapid transit systems offer you a fast and reliable travel option to various locations around the country. They are convenient and timely. Trains are available daily and on a regular basis through the network. You therefore do not have to wait for long before you get a train bound for your destination. Travelling by metro requires you to purchase a smart ticket to simplify the payment process.

Air travel is another popular way to travel in Turkey or even across its borders. The Turkish airline is a well-established national airline that offers numerous domestic flights. With its headquarters in Istanbul, the airline not only offers efficient flights across Turkey but to several destinations around the globe as well.

Given the advanced transport system in Turkey, travelling is relatively easy and pretty affordable.

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