Rich History

Rich history and proud heritage, past and present.

Turkey is undoubtedly one of the most historically rich countries in the world. The country has been home to many civilizations that date back many centuries. The Ottoman Empire is an important entity in the history of Turkey. It was a mighty dynasty and one of the longest-lasting in the world. The Islamic-run empire controlled a great part of the Middle East as well as North Africa and Eastern Europe for more than 6 centuries. A Sultan, who was the chief leader, had absolute political and religious authority over the people.

The Ottoman Empire traces its history to the Turkish tribes of Anatolia, where Osman I founded the empire at around 1299. “Ottoman” was derived from Uthman an Arabic term and Osman’s name. After setting up a formal government, the Ottoman Turks began expanding their territory under leadership of 4 notable leaders: Osman, Orhan, Murad and Bayezid.

The Ottomans seized various cities across the region including Constantinople which was renamed by Sultan Mehmed to the City of Istanbul which means the City of Islam. This established Istanbul as a dominant center for international trade and culture. Bayezid II took over the Sultanship after the death of his father in 1481.

The peak of the Ottoman Empire rule was between the years 1520 and 1566. The period lasted under the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent and was a period of great power, wealth and stability.

The Ottoman Empire is known to have made considerably achievements over the course of its reign. Some of the major breakthroughs they made were in the fields of medicine, science and art. Istanbul among other cities within the empire were considered artistic hubs.

The Ottoman architecture was also pretty impressive. Exquisitely designed mosques were built during the reign of the empire. Stylish public buildings were also constructed throughout the empire.

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