Proximity to Europe

Hop, Skip and a Jump away from all of Europe

Turkey’s proximity to Europe makes it a transcontinental country that is famous for its rich history and diverse culture. It has been home to various prominent civilizations, dating back several centuries. Largely located in Asia and a small part in Europe, Turkey endeavors to establish and maintain flawless foreign relations with the rest of the world. Implemented on the 31st of December, 1995, the Customs Union Agreement links Turkey to the EU. The country is a member of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership and a candidate country of the EU since 1999. This has greatly increased Turkey’s accessibility to the rest of Europe.

Turkey is one of the most trade accessible countries in the region. Being a member of various European partnerships and Unions, there are minimal trade restrictions against Europe. In 1949, the country became a member of the Council of Europe and joined various other unions as well. Besides the politically accessible to Europe, Turkey is also geographically accessible by sea. This greatly streamlines the trade between Turkey and other parts of Europe.

Turkey is also very accessible to Europe from the tourism standpoint. The country has greatly simplified the visa application process, especially for countries in Europe. The implementation of the e-visa system that allows tourists to apply for a visa online makes it pretty easy for potential tourists to acquire legal documents for entering the country. The charges for an electronic visa are also quite affordable and there are minimal document requirements.

Becoming a resident in Turkey is also rather easy considering the various resident permit options available. Whether you would like to extend your stay in the country for a long time or just for a couple more months, there is certainly a resident permit to make this possible. There are also work permits to facilitate residence in the country while working.

Move to Turkey

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