Istanbul as a Hub

Forget Dubai or Doha! Istanbul is center. Has been for 100s of years!

See Istanbul as a hub and meeting point for east and west. Statistics indicate that Istanbul is a fast-rising city that is set to become the business hub of the region in the coming years. With the number of business travelers growing by the day, the entrepreneurial dynamics of the city are reassuring. Various factors contribute to the prospects of the city turning into a crucial center for Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Below are some of the factors that make Istanbul an ideal business city.

Turkey is a transcontinental country that is partly located in Europe and largely located in Asia. This strategic location makes Turkey accessible to both continents and the Middle East. As compared to the other cities in the region, Turkey is therefore easily accessible to some of the major cities in both Asia and Europe. This makes it the perfect business hub.

The advanced infrastructure of the city is another contributing factor to the rising of the city into a business hub. Istanbul has well-defined transport routes for both people and cargo. Turkey is home to numerous ports that are connected to the rest of the country through a rich railway coverage.

The Turkish airlines is one of the most renowned airlines in this region. Based in Istanbul, the airlines have international aircrafts that fly to every destination across the globe. This makes it an ideal travel option for entrepreneurs seeking a centralized travel terminal. Besides travelling, the Turkish Airlines also provide easy transport for cargo to and from various places across the planet.

Investing in Istanbul is lucrative considering the fact that it is a developing city. While the costs of property are still relatively low, it is projected to increase considerably over the coming years. Entrepreneurs are therefore seizing every available opportunity to maximize their investments in the city. Within just a few years, Istanbul is set to become a business powerhouse in Turkey.

Become a Resident

Turkey is the ideal place to invest and make your home. Why not become a citizen?

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