Islam in Turkey

Islam in Turkey is at its best.

Islam in Turkey is practiced by a majority of the population. The country is however renowned for having the best of moderate Islam. Being a secular country according to its constitution, Turkey is accepting of the other religions despite the large population of Muslims. This is largely associated with the liberal and conservative nature of the Muslims in the country.

Various factors contribute to the dominance of moderate Islam in the country. Various restrictions are placed on Muslims and other religious factions by the Turkish government. These restrictions govern religious expression in state-run institutions and government offices. This has significantly contributed to liberal views of Muslims in Turkey.

Turkey’s location in both Asia and Europe is another factor that plays a key role in the religious views of the populations. Europe is home to quite a number of different religions. The influence of these religions on Turkey has been significant and dates back several centuries. The relationship between Europe and the Ottoman empire that lasted more than 700 years had a great influence on moderate Islam in the region.

The political relationship between Turkey and the rest of Europe has also been rather friendly. Unlike the other Muslim countries that viewed Europe as Evil due to colonization, Turkey has had a positive view of European countries over the years. This has had a great impact on the religious views of the Turkish citizens and residents alike.

The liberal and moderate religious inclination of Turkey makes it an ideal country for expats. With few or no extremists, you are at liberty to follow your religious choice without worrying about persecution or stigma. There are also various religions across the country as the constitution provides for freedom of religion. The country has a no tolerance policy for extremist actions or discrimination against religious lines.

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