Healthcare in Turkey

Live a healthy life in Turkey, without worrying about rising healthcare costs!

Healthcare in Turkey is one of the reasons you should consider moving here- especially if you are planning to retire to the country.

Turkey boasts of a sophisticated and advanced healthcare system. It is an exquisite blend of both public and private healthcare services. Given the existence of various departments and plans involved in the healthcare sector, the system is slightly more complex as compared to other countries.

The quality of healthcare services in the country varies depending on the region. The cost of healthcare in Turkey is also more affordable than anywhere else in Europe. There are also numerous private and public healthcare facilities spread across the country, making it more accessible throughout Turkey.

High-quality private hospitals are located in the country’s major cities such as Ankara and Istanbul. These hospitals have well-trained professionals who deliver the best quality healthcare services. Besides the availability of better services and modern facilities, the staff in these hospitals are also fluent in internationals languages such as English. In the rural areas however, the healthcare sector is still rather limited.

The Turkish Government has made significant attempts at enhancing the quality of healthcare in public facilities. Although they have made significant achievements, the quality of public healthcare is slightly lower than those in European countries and North America.

Private hospitals in Turkey deliver exceptional healthcare services. Despite the good quality healthcare, these facilities charge competitive rates for their services. The private healthcare sector in the country is renowned throughout the globe. The country is building a reputation as a popular medical tourism destination. Some of the best services provided by private healthcare facilities include fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery and dentistry. They also have staff that are fluent in English.

Accessing medication and pharmacies in Turkey is also quite easy given the number of pharmacies in the country. A variety of prescription medication is available in these facilities. It is also worth noting the many pharmacies operate round the clock, a fact that makes it possible for one to access medication regardless of the time.

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