Four Seasons

Perfect, in any weather!

Friends from middle-east often joke, Dubai/Doha have two seasons: Bearable and Unbearable. Not so in beautiful Turkey.

Turkey offers amazing four seasons!

Four Seasons

Turkey’s transcontinental location makes it a meeting point for various distinct weather and climate patterns. Unlike the Middle East that experiences limited seasons which are mostly warm, Turkey experiences the proper four seasons. Turkey is located in the large Mediterranean geographical region that is under the subtropical climate belt. The diversity of the nature of the landscape in the country combined with its geographical features such as the seas and mountains contributes the range of climates experienced in the region.

Summer in Turkey

Turkey experiences a warm summer that is marked with an increased population of tourists. The summer season lasts from June to August and is rather hot. The air temperature reaches up to 300 C. Flora thrives in the country during the summer. Some of the popular activities during summer include sunbathing and swimming as well as enjoying the vibrant nightlife.

Winter in Turkey

It snows heavily in various parts of the country during the winter, especially in mountainous areas. The temperatures in the country during winter go down to 150 at noon or 50 C at night. Popular activities during the winter include skiing and other exciting winter sports. The country receives most of its rainfall during the winter season. The season lasts from December to February.

Spring in Turkey

The spring season in Turkey begins in March and ends in May. The season is characterized by the beauty of nature and mild temperatures. Temperatures reach 200 C at noon and 130C at night. It is during this time that ploughing, and cultivation is done, especially in the coastal areas.

Autumn in Turkey

The mild weather experienced in Turkey during the autumn season makes it ideal for experiencing the country’s culture and attractions. The season lasts from September to December and have temperatures at about 280 C in the afternoon. It is the harvesting season which means there is a lot of food during the autumn.

Become a Resident

Turkey is the ideal place to invest and make your home. Why not become a citizen?

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