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Turkey’s affordable cost of living is one of the essential things to consider prior to moving to the country. Turkey is an interesting country that offers a lot of opportunities, both in terms of exciting things to do as well as career-wise. The country is made even more exciting by the reasonable cost of living. Living a comfortable life in Turkey is more affordable as compared to some of the major cities across Europe and Asia.

As compared to Dubai, Ankara, the capital of Turkey offers a much more affordable cost of living. Assuming that you rent accommodation in both cities, you will require approximately 23,189,38TL when in Dubai to maintain the same living standards that you would comfortably sustain with 8,800.00TL in Ankara. Consumer items in Dubai are estimated to be 72.22% higher than in Ankara. The trend applies to rent and various other commodities.

The cost of living in Turkey is also more affordable in Turkey than it is in Bangkok or Malaysia. Consumer prices are 16.81% higher in Malaysia than in Turkey while the rent rates are 59.26% higher. When comparing the cost of living in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and Istanbul, a major city in Turkey, consumer prices are 50.07% higher in Bangkok while the rent costs are 167.67% higher in Bangkok. Turkey therefore offers a much more affordable cost of living than most of the other countries across Asia.

Living costs in turkey’s major cities are also lower than those in major cities of Europe such as Madrid and cities across Portugal. Madrid’s consumer prices are higher than Istanbul by 58.38% while the rent prices are 227.38 higher in Madrid.

As can be seen, living comfortably in Madrid is a lot more achievable and affordable than various other countries in Europe and Asia.

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