Long Term Residence Permit Turkey

Who can Apply for Long Term Residence Permit in Turkey

Long Term Residence Permits are only granted to foreign nationals who have spent at least eight years (uninterruptedly) in Turkey.

At Turkey Resident Visa, we make the application process easy and simple for you. You provide us with the required documents and we handle the rest.

Long Term Residence Permit Validity

This type of permit is valid for an indefinite period.

Terms and Conditions for Filing a Long Term Residence Permit

Foreign nationals need to fulfill these conditions prior to applying for a long term permit:

  • They must have resided in Turkey for eight years. As a rule for calculating these eight years, the Turkish government takes into account half of the duration spent under student residence permit, and full duration spent under all other types of residence permits.
  • They should not have received social assistance in the last three years.
  • They should have sufficient income to support and maintain themselves and their family.
  • They should have medical insurance coverage.
  • They should not be perceived as a threat to the public order or public security.

Rights as a Long Term Resident Permit Holder

After you obtain a long term residence permit, you will enjoy all rights as of a Turkish citizen, with these few exceptions:

  • Compulsory military service
  • The right to vote
  • The right to contest elections
  • Entering public services
  • Exemption of custom duties when importing vehicles

Right to Working in Turkey?

Obtaining a long term residence permit, does NOT give you the legal right to work in Turkey. You will have to apply for a work permit if you wish to be employed in Turkey.

Cancellation of Long Term Permit

The Turkish government can cancel your long term residence permit under these two conditions:

  • If you pose a threat to the public security.
  • If you’ve resided out of Turkey for more than one year other than for reasons of education, health and compulsory public service to your country.  

Get your Long Term Residence Permit

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Updated: September 2019.

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