Family Residence Permit Turkey

Family Residence Permit in Turkey is issued to family members of Turkish citizens or a Turkish resident who has resided legally in the country for one year.

Who can Apply for Family Residence Permit in Turkey

Family Residence Permit is granted to:

  • Foreign spouse of Turkish citizen
  • Foreign Minor Children of Turkish citizen
  • Foreign spouse of legal Turkish resident
  • Foreign Minor Children of legal Turkish resident

In cases of polygamous marriages, only one spouse will be eligible for a family residence permit. However, foreigner’s children from other spouses maybe granted a family residence permit.

In the event where children apply for family residence permits, the parents’ consent shall be sought by the Turkish government.

Family residence permit holders shall be entitled to primary and secondary education without a student residence permit until the age of 18.

Family Residence Permit Validity

A family residence permit is valid for three years.

Note: A family residence permit, under no circumstance, can exceed the duration of the sponsor’s residence permit.

Terms and Conditions for a Family Residence Permit

When applying for a family residence permit in Turkey, the sponsor has to fulfill certain conditions, which include:

  • Have a valid health insurance coverage for all family members.
  • Earn a monthly income that is not less than the minimum wage.
  • Submitting proof of not being convicted in any crime in the past five years. This should be done by presenting a criminal record certificate.
  • Has been residing in Turkey legally for the past one year on a residence permit and has been registered with the address based registration system.

In the event of applying as a foreigner to stay with a sponsor, you will have to:

  • Submit all information and documents pertaining to the reason of stay in Turkey
  • Assert that you intend to live with specified people
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Prove that you have not entered into marriage only for the purpose of getting a family residence permit

Conditions Under Which Family Residence Permit Holders can Apply for Short Term Residence Permits

  • In the event of divorce
  • In case of death of the sponsor
  • If a foreigner has reached the age of 18 and had resided on family residence permit for the past three years

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