Working In Turkey

Working in Turkey for Expats

If you are thinking about working in Turkey, you have many options as an expat living in the country. Turkey is not just a tourist destination, it is a country that provides excellent opportunities for expats to settle down, work and create a peaceful life for themselves and their families.

Learn more about life in Turkey, the beautiful Turkish language or get information about education in Turkey.

First, let’s take a look at some of the things you must know before you come here to find work.

Working in Turkey Requires a Work Permit

According to Turkey visa requirements, your passport must be valid at least 60 days beyond the “duration of stay” of your visa or residence permit.
As an expat who wants to work in Turkey, you will also need to apply for a Turkish work permit and visa that will allow you to live and find work in the country.

What Kind of Jobs Can I Find in Turkey?

There are many jobs that are suitable for expats in Turkey. For example, if you have a good grasp of the English language, you can find work teaching English as a foreign language. Employers in Turkey are always looking for good English speakers so the teaching of spoken English is a popular career choice for many expatriates.

If you have a skill or are qualified in specialized tasks, you could also find work in your chosen field. Engineering, IT, finance and sales are some of the graduate level choices that you could avail. While non-Turkish citizens may be barred from performing certain jobs like medical and legal, there is no shortage of work for those who really want to work.

Where Do I Find Jobs?

There are a number of websites that work as job boards and job search portals that allow you to view open vacancies and apply for them from your home country. For example, Expat, Jobs in Istanbul and Total Jobs.

Working as a Freelancer in Turkey

Turkey is perhaps one of the best places to live in if you already work as a freelancer. The freelancer’s remote working lifestyle and foreign source of income is ideal for someone who wishes to not only elevate their lifestyle but also be more exposed to international business perspectives and cultures.

However, in Turkey, there is no ‘generic’ work permit, i.e. work permit visa is only granted if you have a job offer and will represent the name/details of your employer. If you do not have a job offer, we highly recommend applying for a short term resident permit. You can then assess the job market by living in the country and doing your own research.

Move to Turkey

Your perfect home is waiting for you in this gorgeous country.

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