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Schooling in Turkey

Schooling your children in Turkey is a great option because it provides them with a whole host of benefits. When you are living in Turkey, you will find the education system provides your children with a solid background in any field they choose. The country is home to some of the best schools, colleges, and universities in the region making it a great choice for students of all ages.

The Turkish Education System

All international schools are monitored and supervised under The Turkish board of education, which ensures that these institutions comply with international standards. The well designed multilingual curriculum makes it easier for expat children to integrate into Turkish society.

What Accreditation is Provided by Schooling in Turkey?

International schools provide internationally accepted accreditation such as Cambridge Examination, SAT and International Baccalaureate. The Council of International Schools provides educational accreditation, internationally trained teachers and leadership recruitment services, they provide governance and assistance to bring out the best in schools according to the required standards.

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges accredits American curriculum schools. whereas, the European Council of International Schools accredits schools offering a standard acceptable in Europe.

What is the Primary Language in Turkish Schools?

Though International Schools usually follow a curriculum model influenced by the US, UK, or France and they are mostly multi-lingual but English remains the primary language at large. All international schools provide extra-curricular activities according to each child’s aptitude and interest. There are also niche private schools catering to Arab, German, French, Russian, Armenian and Italian nationals.

University Schooling in Turkey

There is a significant upsurge in international students choosing to study in Turkish Universities; five of the universities are also ranked in the 2019 list of world’s best universities. This makes Turkey a favorable choice for students pursuing Engineering, Technical and Medicine degrees. Not only that the tuition fees are significantly low as compared to American and European universities, but there are attractive exchange programmes available for deserving students providing them rich global experiences.

Move Your Family to Turkey

If you already live in Turkey, you can apply for a family residence permit and move your whole family with you.

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