Living In Turkey

Turkey is quickly becoming the chosen destination for those who are either looking for a new start to their life, are exploring their retirement options or are weighing their options for working and living in Turkey. The reason? Turkey’s affordable yet high quality of life.

The country has progressed dramatically in the past few years, making it extremely easy for foreigners to live in Turkey. The country’s peaceful and stress-free life is another main reason why a lot of people prefer living in Turkey. In addition to this, the country’s education, healthcare and transportation system are something to look out for. The government has made tremendous efforts to offer nothing short of best to its people.

Housing in Turkey

There are a variety of options when looking for housing in Turkey. From villas to flats, you can choose the one that suits you best. Depending on the area you choose, the rents and property rates will vary. For an extravagant lifestyle, you can choose a property in one of the major metropolitan areas of Turkey.

Education in Turkey

The education system in Turkey underwent serious reforms in the past years. The number of schools, colleges and universities increased dramatically and today, twelve years of education is compulsory in the country. Moreover, the country has international educational institutes as well, where only students with foreign passports can enroll.

Healthcare in Turkey

The healthcare system in Turkey is recognized worldwide for its high quality. The country provides a mix of private and public healthcare facilities with all medical institutions meeting the international medical standards. Turkey has adopted the Universal Health Insurance system, under which all Turkish residents registered with the Social Security Institution can receive free of cost medical treatment. However, free treatment will be provided only by hospitals who are contracted to the Social Security Institution.

Transportation in Turkey

With a variety of transportation options, getting around Turkey is easy and budget friendly. The public transportation in Turkey consists of local buses, minibuses, taxis, metros and trams. Private transportation options like renting a car is also available but is a costly option. Living in Turkey means that you will travel across cities and the best option to make your journey enjoyable is to opt for a ferry or a boat. Exploring Turkey’s coastal cities will be exciting, fun and memorable.

Working in Turkey

Foreigners exploring ways of working and living in Turkey will have to apply for a Turkish work permit. The procedure, documentation and time required to obtain a permit will depending on the industry i.e. education, healthcare, tourism, entertainment etc. If you’re looking for a Turkish residence permit, you can apply for one if you’re the owner of a Turkish property, if you’re planning to setup a business in Turkey or are looking to establish business connections in Turkey.

Activities in Turkey

Life in Turkey can never be boring. The country offers endless opportunities to spend quality time with your friends, family and loved ones. You can relish the natural beauty by visiting the beautiful beaches, and enjoy adventures like skiing, trekking, hot air ballooning, scuba diving. Ballets, operas, plays and a variety of cultural activities are some more options to enjoy your life in Turkey.

Moving to Turkey is as simple as a click.

The affordable and high quality of life in Turkey is worth the move.

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