Doing Business in Turkey

Doing Business in Turkey as an Expatriate

If you have been thinking about doing business in Turkey, this guide will provide you with an overview of the ecosystem, the opportunities, and the challenges.

Overview: Benefits and Opportunities for Turkish Businesses

Turkey functions as a convenient gateway to Asian, Mid-East and European markets, allowing you to expand into these regions and benefit from the flexibility offered. By doing business in Turkey, you will not only get the opportunity to trade and operate in different regions but will also be able to benefit from the knowledge of Turkish partners who have a solid understanding of their neighboring markets.

Another benefit of doing business in Turkey is the Turkish CIP or Citizenship by Investment program. Subject to fulfilling all conditions, this allows anyone who invests in Turkey to become a citizen and thus enjoy all the benefits that are afforded to a full Turkish citizen. The capital asset requirement, which was lowered in September 2018, is currently only $500,000 whereas previously it was $2 million. The country even lowered the property investment level to $250,000.

Establishing a New Business in Turkey

The Turkish government welcomes new business investors who want to invest in the country and contribute towards its development. As a foreign national who is looking for a good place to launch a new business, product or company, Turkey is one of the best places to choose.

You can get more updated and detailed information about documents required and how to establish a new business by getting in touch with us so we can offer personalized services for your particular case. Our legal advisor will look at your requirements, your business plan and proposal and guide you about doing business in Turkey according to these factors.

Ready to Get Started?

Work with us and get detailed guidance and instructions about getting settled in the country. From start to finish, we will be with you at every step.

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