Background Check for Turkish Residence Permit

Background Check for Turkish Residence Permit is Mandatory

A background check is one of the requirements when applying for a Turkish residence permit. The goal of this check is to make sure that the applicant is not a threat to public security.

The Turkish government has made these mandatory for every foreign person who applies for a residence permit whether it is for a short-term permit or an indefinite residence permit.

Submit a Background Report With Your Application

When you submit an application for ikamet or residence, you will have to attach a recent report that details any legal infractions or encounters you might have had with the law in your country. Of course, if you have a criminal background, no matter how small the issue, you could very well be rejected.

Ideally, the background check for Turkish residence permit must prove that you have no criminal background and will not prove to be any kind of threat for the people or the government of Turkey.

You will need to provide TWO background reports with your Turkish Residence Permit application. One will be from your own home country and the other will be from Turkey. The second will be required only for people who have lived in the country for any length of time.

Documents Required

What documents are required to apply for a residence permit?

Who Should Apply?

Who should apply for a residence permit in Turkey?

Applying for a Turkish Residence Permit?

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