How to Apply for Turkey Residence Permit

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Apply for a Turkish Residence Permit

When looking to apply for a Turkey Residence Permit, it is extremely necessary that you have all the required information. To help you apply for a residence permit in Turkey, here’s all you need to know.

Types of Residence Permits in Turkey:

  • Short term residence permit
  • Long term residence permit
  • Family residence permit
  • Work permit
  • Student residence permit
  • Humanitarian residence permit

Note: As of now, we do NOT offer services for humanitarian residence permit and student residence permit.

Short Term Residence Permit

When Can you Apply

  • If you’re on a tourist visa and would like to reside in Turkey beyond the time specified in your visa
  • If you want to conduct a scientific research in Turkey
  • If you own an immovable property in Turkey
  • If you intend to establish a business or commercial connections in Turkey
  • If you’re a foreigner enrolled in a student exchange program
  • If you’re in Turkey for In-Service Training
  • If you want to visit Turkey for Medical Treatment
  • If you’re bound to stay in Turkey owing to judicial or administrative decisions
  • If you’re seeking a transfer from family residence permit to short term residence permit

A short term residence permit is issued for one year, and can be granted for two years as well (depending on your situation).


Depending on the intention of your stay in Turkey, there are different documents that you will be required to submit along with your application. However, some of the essentials include valid passport, a recent passport size photograph with a white background (must be taken within the past 6 months), birth certificate (in case of minors), valid health insurance, proof of financial stability and of course the application form.

How to Apply

Fill out this application form and let us serve you. As soon as we receive your application, our team reviews it, and gets in touch with you for starting your permit process.

Long Term Residence Permit

Who Can Apply

You are eligible for a long term residence permit if you:

  • Have legally lived in Turkey for eight years uninterruptedly
  • Are not a refugee, a conditional refugee or own a humanitarian residence permit.
  • Have not received social help within the last three years of your application
  • Hold a valid health insurance
  • Are financially stable to support your family
  • Are not considered as a threat to the public order and security.


Essential documents for long term residence permit include valid passport, health insurance related documents, proof of financial stability, birth certificate (for minors), passport size photographs with a white background (should be recent i.e. within six months) and your application form. However, based on your case, you might be required to submit additional documents.

How to Apply

It’s as easy as a click. Fill out this application form, we will review it and get back to you.

Family Residence Permit

Who Can Apply

Family Residence permit can be obtained by:

  • Foreigners married to Turkish Citizens
  • Foreigners married to a Foreigner who is a legal family residence permit holder
  • Foreign child of Turkish parents
  • Foreign child of Foreign Parents who legally hold a family residence permit


Essential documents for filing a family residence permit in Turkey include a valid passport, recent passport size photographs (taken within the last six months), proof of income, valid health insurance, birth certificate (in case of minor). In case of spouses, original, notarized and Turkish translated marriage certificate will be required. For children, family residence permits of foreign parents, and National Identity Card of Turkish parents will be required.

How to Apply

Fill out our Family Residence Permit Application and we will help you file for and obtain your permit.

Requirements for Residence Permit Applications

Background Check

Background Check is extremely necessary prior to applying for a Turkish permit. You will have to obtain a police character certificate when you apply for a Turkey residence permit. This certificate serves as a confirmation that you have not been involved or convicted in any criminal activities. Let us


All of your documents are subject to Turkish notarization. All submitted documents are authenticated by government officials to make sure that they are genuine. Next, they have to translated to Turkish in order for them to be acceptable by the Directorate General of Migration Management.

Apply for your Turkish Permit Now

All you have to do is to fill in this form and we will handle the rest.

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