Applying for a Turkish Residence Permit

Before applying for a Turkish residence permit, you need to know some important facts. In Turkey, the migration matters are handled by the Directorate General for Migration Management.

Whether you plan to apply for a short term permit or a long term permit, the requirements and documents will vary.

Types of Residence Permits in Turkey

Which Turkish Residence Permit Should I Be Applying For?

Now that you know the different kinds of residence permits you can apply for, you need to choose the one that is most suitable for your needs.

Please note that we do not provide services for the humanitarian residence permit or the residence permit for human trafficking victims.

Below you will find a brief explanation of each type of residence permit.

Short Term Residence Permit

A short-term residence permit is granted for a period of one year and a maximum of 2 years depending on conditions set by the Directorate General of Migration Management. This applies to everyone except nationals of Northern Cyprus and foreign nationals who make an investment in the country.

A short-term permit is granted for various purposes. You can read more about it in detail here: Turkish Short Term Residence Permit.

Long Term Residence Permit

If you want to stay in the country indefinitely, applying for a long term residence permit would be a good idea. In order to apply for this permit you will need to fulfill certain conditions:

  • You must have lived in Turkey for at least 8 years on a permit
  • Meet the conditions set out by the Migration Policies Board
  • Did not receive any social assistance in the last 3 years
  • Be able to make an income that is sufficient to support themselves and (if applicable) their family
  • Do not pose a public order or security threat
  • Have medical insurance

You can learn more about the services we provide for this permit here: Turkish Long Term Residence Permit.

Family Residence Permit

A family residence permit is granted for a period of 3 years after which it can be renewed as needed. If you are thinking about applying for this Turkish residence permit, please note the important factors before you apply:

  • Only a sponsor can apply for a family permit on behalf of their family members
  • The sponsor must be either a Turkish citizen or be living in Turkey on a residence permit

As a sponsor, you can apply for this permit for your spouse, children and the dependent children of your spouse. For more detailed information, please refer to this: Turkish Family Residence Permit.

Student Residence Permit

This type of permit is necessary for students who want to study at a university or receive schooling in Turkey. This permit is usually granted for the duration of a student’s study or course or a maximum of one year.

If you are thinking about applying for this Turkish resident permit, please refer here for more details or apply for the student residence permit.

Applying for a Turkish Residence Permit?

Choose the one you want to apply for:

Short-Term Residence Permit

Family Permit

Long-Term Residence Permit

Work Permit

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