Useful Tips for Visiting Turkey

From its magnificent mountains, golden beaches, natural beauties to friendly people, diverse cuisine, and ancient cities, Turkey is a fascinating tourist destination that draws visitors from all over the world. Turkey is located on two continents and offers a unique combination of East and West. If you are planning a trip to Turkey soon, here are a few tips for visiting Turkey.

1- Always Carry Cash with You

Carrying cash is one of the most important tips to remember when visiting Turkey. You shouldn’t rely on your credit or debit cards because POS devices or ATMs may not accept your card, and if you are not in a central location, it may be difficult to find a suitable ATM. Also, when dealing with Turkish vendors, it is always preferable to pay in cash. Keep the Turkish Lira on hand at all times to avoid complications and calculations. Otherwise, you may end up changing your currency at a lower rate than the market rates.

2- Learn Common Turkish Words

Learning common Turkish words is one of the best tips for visiting Turkey, and will help you navigate through the beautiful country with ease. Many people in Turkey are not fluent in English, thus learning a little Turkish is one of the best tips and will certainly get you a long way in Turkey. Turkish is not difficult to learn because the Turkish alphabet is a Latin-script alphabet, and neither, do they use the Arabic alphabet, nor do they like it when people believe that the Arabic alphabet is used in Turkey. Furthermore, Turkish people are sympathetic when tourists speak even a few Turkish words. Believe us, it will come in handy during your shop negotiations or small talks. Some useful common words are listed below:

  • Merhaba ——- Hello
  • Nasılsın? ——— How are you?
  • İyiyim, teşekkürler —- I’m fine, thank you.
  • Bu ne kadar? —- How much is it?
  • Hoşçakal! —— Goodbye!
  • Çok teşekkürler ——- Thank you very much.

3- Don’t Drink Tap Water

Tap water in Turkey is unsafe to drink. However, you can use it to cook food, make tea or coffee after boiling it, and wash your hands as the Turkish do. Officials claim that drinking tap water is safe in some regions, but residents in major cities like Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara never do unless they have their own water filtration systems. It is always safe to keep some water bottles in Turkey.

4- Try to Get a Local Simcard for Hotspot for Your Mobile Phone

If you need to communicate with friends, family, or business while in Turkey, or if you just want to stay connected, the best option is to buy a local sim card and use it as a hotspot. Turkish Wi-Fi does not work properly in rural areas and is extremely slow in cities. Bring an old phone with you if you have the opportunity to insert a Turkish sim card and use it as a hotspot. The sim card will be registered with your passport and will be automatically deactivated 90 days after your entry date.

Applying for a Turkish Residence Permit?

Turkey is a gorgeous place to call home. Want to learn more about how you can call it YOUR home?

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