Best Turkish Courses For Foreigners

If you intend to settle in Turkey, learning Turkish may be advantageous. Before anything else, Turkish people are more compassionate when foreigners speak Turkish because there aren’t many Turkish people who speak English or other languages, so communicating with them can be difficult sometimes. Also, you might want to learn a language that is very different from English, but Turkish is a difficult language to learn by yourself. Yet, don’t be concerned; Turkish courses for foreigners in Turkey are perfect, and due to the pandemic, you can find online courses in almost every language school. Here’s a list of the best Turkish language courses preferred by foreigners in Turkey.

1- Turkcestan

Turkcestan is one of the best Turkish courses for foreign students. They are in Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul, right in the heart of the city. They provide a variety of options, including general Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, Business Turkish, Turkish for Kids, Academic Turkish, Intensive Turkish, and one-on-one private lessons. Turkcestan also offers online and summer courses. The institution provides high-quality, guaranteed education to students from all over the world who come to learn Turkish. Aside from Turkish courses, a VIP YOS (Foreign Students Exam) course is also offered.

2- Avrasya Tomer

Avrasya Tomer is one of the most popular Turkish courses for foreigners. It offers a wide range of language programs in Turkish and English, as well as YOS courses, and provides quality education to language learners from all over the world. Avrasya TOMER allows you to gain basic Turkish competence and speaking skills in the shortest amount of time. You can learn general or intensive Turkish as well as one-to-one private lessons in the institution. The institution is one of Istanbul’s most prestigious educational institutions with its worldwide standards of education.

3- English Council

English Council is one of the best English schools in Turkey but they recently have launched a Turkish course program for foreigners, and they have been one of the best teaching schools for Turkish. English Council has a classic A1 to C2 teaching program which means you’ll start with the very basics of Turkish and move to the advanced level as time progresses. The A1 level is one of six levels designed by the English Council for foreigners. This level teaches you how to express yourself and carry out your daily routines in a basic manner. At this level, you will be able to understand the Turkish sentence structure. At the end of the language course, you will be rewarded with a certificate. English Council has two branches in Istanbul, one of the branches is in Bakirkoy (European side of Istanbul), while the other one is in Kadıkoy (Asian side).

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