Van: The Unexplored City in Turkey

Van, known as the city of castles, is a city in eastern Turkey. Van is famous for its breakfast and Lake Van (like Loch Ness, Lake Van also has its own monster called “Van Lake Monster”). Van is not popular like Istanbul or Izmir but it is certainly an underrated destination for summer and winter holidays. This unexplored city offers you swimming and camping in summer and skiing in winter. Here, we help you explore the beauty of Van city in Turkey.

Famous Things To Do In Van City Turkey

Van Breakfast

Breakfast of Van is extremely popular, and almost everyone has heard of it in Turkey. The secret of Van breakfast, which has a rich flavor feast with a combination of different cuisines, is actually due to the naturalness of the products. Among the sine qua non for Van mixed breakfast are herb cheese, roasted and ground wheat (kavut), honey from Bahçesaray and Çatak districts, churn butter, milk cream, murtuga, lavash bread baked in a stone oven, Van buns, samovar tea, and other classic breakfast ingredients.

Van Lake

Van Lake

Lake Van is the world’s largest soda lake and is also the largest lake in Turkey. According to the local people, which is not proved, there is a monster living in the lake like in Loch Ness. It was formed by the tectonic collapse that occurred in the region as a result of the Mount Nemrut eruption.

Lake Van spreads over an area of 3,713 square kilometers. In addition to being a freshwater lake, it also has a marine ecosystem and this is why the local people call it the “Van Sea”. It has salty and sparkling water. Since the pH value is 9.8 and the salinity of the water is 19%, Lake Van does not freeze even in extremely cold weather, the water is very clear, and you can even camp around the lake.

Must-See Places in Van City Turkey

Van Kalesi (Van Castle)

Van Kalesi (Van Castle)

Van Castle, which is 5 km away from Van city center, was built by Urartu King Sarduri I between 840-825 BC. Van Castle, which served as the capital of the Urartu under the name of “Tusba” for many years, is known as the landmark of the city. Inside the castle; there are rock tombs and temples. Van Castle is the most distinguished structure from the Urartus to the present day.

Akdamar Island and Church

Akdamar Island and Church

Akdamar Memorial Museum, also known as Akdamar Church, located in Gevaş district, was built between 915-921 as a palace church by Architect Monk Manuel for the Armenian Vaspurakan King I. Gagik Ardsruni. You can reach this museum, which is visited by many local and foreign tourists every year, by the motor journey. Located on Akdamar Island, this place has a wonderful view and a charming atmosphere.

Van’s Fairy Chimneys

Fairy chimneys, located in Yavuzlar Village of Başkale district of Van, are called “Vannadocia” by the locals. Vannadocia, which is 33 km from the district and 120 km from the center of Van, is reminiscent of Cappadocia. Van Fairy Chimneys, which are visited by thousands of tourists every year, were formed as a result of the wind erosion and rain waters of the rocks sprayed by the volcanic Yigit Mountain. These natural miracles are worth seeing.

The House of Van Cats

You should add the House of Van Cats, the symbolic animals of Van, to the list of places to visit in Van. For this, you should stop by Yüzüncü Yıl University Van Cat Research Center and visit these endangered cute cats. Van Cats House, which was opened to protect Van cats, keeps female and male cats in separate rooms and has a special care room for newborn cats. Also, sick cats are treated at this home. Van cats are known for their blue and amber eyes.

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