Places to Visit in Pamukkale

Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a town famous for its cottony view with its travertines. It is located in the southwestern part of Turkey, in Denizli province. The area, visited by many tourists every year, draws visitors to both, its natural wonders and fabulous scenery and thermal springs. With the increasing amount of visitors in the last decades, these natural heritages suffered irreversible damages. Some parts of Pamukkale are off-limits for visitors, but visitors still may visit and enjoy these thermal pools and beautiful views. Here are some best places to visit in Pamukkale.

How to Get There

Pamukkale can be reached from Denizli province, which has a small but useful airport. It takes 1 hour from the airport to reach the Pamukkale part and there are many transportation options such as taxi, bus, minibus, travel bus. Pamukkale is recognized as a World Heritage Site and is a great attraction for tourists, so you can find many places for accommodation around Pamukkale.

What to Do in Pamukkale

Pamukkale is a miraculous formation of nature. You can visit this mesmerizing place in any season. You can swim in its healing thermal spring pools in the cold weather and go skiing in the winter, or you can enjoy travertines and visit the ancient ruins of Hierapolis in the summer.

Visit Thermal Spring Pools

Thermal springs are one of the best places to visit in Pamukkale. From the moment you step in, you will find peace in Pamukkale’s thermal spring pools. First of all, enjoy the mesmerizing scenery of white heaven and swim in travertine pools. Shoes are not allowed in travertine pools, so make sure you have a bag to keep your shoes safe. Also wear sunglasses when visiting the thermal spring pools.

Go Skiing

If you are visiting Pamukkale during winter, you can go skiing in the morning. Nikfer Ski resort, an hour from Pamukkale and located in the district Tavas, is a perfect ski resort with qualified facilities, and useful for basic learners. It is the biggest ski resort in the Aegean region with its nine different ski tracks. Also, you can get training from professional ski instructors and rent ski equipment at the ski center. You can reach the Ski Center via your private vehicles, taxi, and shuttle services that depart at weekends.

Explore the Ancient City of Hierapolis

You can also visit the ancient city of Hierapolis that rests on the plateau above the travertines. Hierapolis means “sacred city.” According to Greek mythology, the city was founded by Apollo, the god of healing, medicine, archery, music, poetry, and the sun. Originally, Hierapolis was founded by Eumenes II, the King of Pergamon, in the 2nd century BC; and a massive earthquake destroyed the city in 17th CE (common era). The necropolis at the entrance of the ancient city is the largest ancient graveyard with more than 2000 graves. Sitting on the final column of the amphitheater and looking around will be an incredible visual feast.

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