Visit Turkey in Winter: Mediterranean Region

The Mediterranean Region covers the south side of Turkey. This region is the most popular choice for summer holidays but is even better for a relaxing, calming and enjoyable winter holiday. According to a news article, the Mediterranean region hosted 3.3 million tourists this year.

There are plenty of natural wonders and holiday spots in each city of the region. This holiday paradise includes eight cities, but Antalya, which is also the most popular city in the region, and Isparta are the winter-favorite cities. If you are looking to visit Turkey in winter, then the Mediterranean region is one of the best destinations for a relaxing and memorable winter holiday.

1- Antalya

Antalya is the most popular and widely known city in the Mediterranean Region. If you think that Antalya is a summer city, you are totally wrong! You can swim in the morning and go skiing by noon in winter. This beautiful city is the best place to visit Turkey in winter due to fewer crowds, lower hotel costs, etc.

There are numerous natural wonders and ancient cities as well as ruins in Antalya to explore. But if you are visiting for a winter vacation, you should experience Antalya’s skiing spot, Saklıkent. Saklıkent skiing center is located on the Beydağları, 50km from the center, and is one of the most popular sports in the Mediterranean Region.

If you are an adrenaline seeker, you can also try paragliding in the districts Konyaalti, Alanya, or Kaş. Also, you can explore the cultural side of the city by visiting its ancient ruins and cities like the ancient Greco-Roman city of Aspendos, and the ancient cities of Olympus, Patara, etc. If you want to see some mesmerizing natural wonders, visit Duden Waterfall and Kekova Island in Antalya.

2- Isparta

Isparta is a small city in the Mediterranean Region and is known for its lavender fields and fragrant roses. It is hard to find a spot for winter tourism in the Mediterranean Region, but Isparta’s Davraz ski resort is one of the best and developed ski resorts in Turkey. Davraz ski resort is mostly preferred by national athletes because of its 16km long slopes, and amazing scenery of the Eğirdir Lake.

The ski-run of Davraz is available for winter sports like alpine and snowboarding. If you want to do something relaxing, you can experience the healing thermal springs of Isparta. Spare a day to visit and witness the mesmerizing lavender and rose fields. Do not miss out on the ancient cities like Pisidia Antiocheia and Adada. You can even explore the natural wonders like Eğirdir Lake, Kovada Lake National Park, St. Paul hiking trail, Gölcük Natural Park, and Yazılı Natural Park.

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