Best Places to Visit in Turkey in Winter: The Black Sea Region

With its fascinating nature and thousands of years of culture, the Black Sea region is one of the most visited destinations for both winter and summer tourism. This region covers the north of Turkey and takes its name from the sea, the Black Sea. It consists of 18 cities, with the most popular ones being Trabzon, Rize, and Bolu. Geographically, it is the richest part of Turkey with its green forest, plateaus, natural wonders, mountains, and valleys. This region is extremely popular among tourists who visit Turkey in winter. Here are some enchanting places to visit in the Black Sea during winter.


Trabzon is the most popular city in the Black Sea region of Turkey, and one of the most visited places in winters. Like every city in the Black Sea region, Trabzon is full of natural wonders as well and has a rich cultural background. The best time to visit this wonderful city is autumn and winter. We strongly suggest picking Sumela Monastery as your first destination. The monastery is located in the Maçka district of Trabzon, and it is one of the oldest monasteries in the world. The monastery, which is 300 meters above the valley and surrounded by a green forest, was constructed amid a mountain in 386 AD .

You can continue your trip by visiting Uzun Göl (Long Lake), another natural wonder of Trabzon. Sparing some time to learn about the city’s cultural background by visiting Trabzon Museum, Trabzon Castle, and Hamsiköy would be a good idea. Make sure to not leave the city without tasting the local rice pudding of Hamsiköy.


Rize is located in the eastern part of the Black Sea region and famous for its plateaus. It is the capital city of Turkish tea and the pearl of the eastern Black Sea region. Rize is extremely beautiful during winters. Ayder Plateau is one of the most popular destinations to visit Turkey in winter due to its thermal springs. It is a natural wonder and the most popular plateau of Turkey. While enjoying hot water springs, you can stay in wooden houses and enjoy the scenic views of pine trees covered with snow. The allocation of the plateau dates back to the 13th century, and it is now one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Turkey.

When visiting Rize, do not skip Anzer Plateau. Anzer Plateau is famous for its honey. It is one of the most expensive kinds of honey and is believed to cure cancer. Another popular destination in Rize during winters is the National Park of Kaçkar Mountains. In this park, a host of activities including the beauties of nature, outdoor activities such as climbing, trekking, and rafting can be enjoyed.


Everyone you ask ‘what’s the best place to visit in Turkey in winter’ will say Bolu! Bolu is the perfect option for winter tourism in the Black Sea region if you are looking for a chilling, relaxing get-away. It is not only famous for its natural wonders, lakes, and thermal springs but also for the ski centers called Kartal Kaya and Esentepe. Kartalkaya ski center is one of the favorite places of winter sports fans in Turkey.

Bolu is also known as the city of the lakes. Abant Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bolu. It is a relaxing place in the middle of a forest and becomes even more beautiful in winter. You can enjoy it while trekking in the forest covered with snow or having a cup of hot tea in the cold weather.

The other popular tourist destination for winter tourism in Bolu is Karacasu thermal springs. Thermal springs from the Seben mountain are covered with snow in almost every season of the year. This place is mostly preferred by the people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of crowded cities and find peace in a relaxing place. Since there are plenty of natural wonders in the city, you can also visit Yedigöller Natural Park, Gölcük Natural Park, Göksü Natural Park, and Sülüklü Lake.

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