Complete Guide to Obtaining a Driving License in Turkey

Obtaining a driving license in Turkey is easy, even if you have never applied for one in your home country! Driving schools are widely located in all over Turkey, and they provide practical and theoretical education to prepare you for the driving license exams. You can obtain your own driving license in three months if you follow our detailed guide.

Finding a Driving School

Driving Schools in Turkey are affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. So, enrollment in one of these schools is mandatory for obtaining a driving license in Turkey. If you are not fluent in Turkish, you will have to find a driving school with English instructors. Fees for a driving school with English instructors vary between TL 2900 to TL 3500. You can search online for the best driving schools in Turkey and choose the one that you think is best. It is necessary that you choose one that is in your neighborhood but try to find a school nearby as it will save you travel time.

Required Documents for Driving License in Turkey

  • Valid residence permit for six months in Turkey
  • Certificate of Residence (Can be printed out from https://giris.turkiye.gov.tr/Giris/)
  • Criminal Record (Can be printed out from https://giris.turkiye.gov.tr/Giris/)
  • Residence Permit Card
  • Passport
  • One of the diplomas (Elementary school/high school/university) (translated into Turkish and notarized)
  • Medical Report. You can provide Medical Report from:
    • Driving School (Usually)
    • Family Health Centers
    • Private and State Hospitals
    • Private Medical Centers
    • Private Policlinics
  • 4x Biometric Photo (50 mm x 60 mm/White background)

Theoretical and Practical Training

After the enrollment, you will have your course of study about first-aid, traffic awareness, motor, and traffic manners by the driving school. Attending all classes is compulsory. You can request your training manual in English so you can study properly. After the theoretical training, you will take an e-exam with the other applicants in one of the e-exam centers. The exam language is optional so you can take your exam in English. You need to pay the exam fee of TL 100 (if it is not paid by your driving school) and keep the receipt. The payment can be done to Halk Bank or Ziraat Bankası ATMs or banks. Please keep the receipt after payment. The e-exam has 50 questions. Each question is 2 points, and the pass mark is 70. So you have to answer 35 or more questions correctly. Don’t worry, the exam is not difficult, you will pass it easily.

If you pass the exam, you will be eligible to take the driving lessons. You will have 12 hours of driving training, and that will be in the city traffic. After the training, you will sit for the driving exam along with two Traffic Commissioner Officers who will observe you while sitting in the backseat of your car. Before the exam, you need to pay the exam fee of TL 110 (again if it is not paid by your driving school) and keep the receipt.

Obtaining Your Driving License in Turkey

If you pass both exams, your driving school will give you a file issued by the Ministry of National Education for you to obtain your driving license. You have to take these documents and pay the driving license fee (this payment is not included in Driving School’s price and has to be done by you) at any one of the banks listed here (TL 988.7 for the year 2020) and keep the receipt. Then you need to get an appointment date on the official website. Click on “Sürücü Belgesi” (Driving License), provide the required information, and choose the appointment date. After the appointment, the driving license will be delivered to your address in 15 business days.

The documents that you need to submit for this appointment are as follows:

  • The file of the Driving Certificate (given by driving school)
  • Residence Permit Card and Passport
  • Driver’s Medical Report
  • Receipt of payment (TL 988.7)
  • 1x biometric photo (Biometric Photo (50 mm x 60 mm/White background) The certificate indicates your blood group (Can be obtained from Family Health Centers or Private Hospitals in 15 minutes)

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