Five Best Apps to Learn Turkish

Learning a language is almost similar to learning the culture of a country. Whether it is just for your own interest, business purposes, or for your daily work, this journey is usually expensive and time-consuming. But thanks to the new age of information, we can use technology for our benefit. There are various apps that will help you learn a new language with only a few taps! If you’ve recently moved to Turkey and are looking to learn the local language, here are five best apps to learn the Turkish language.

1- Busuu

Busuu is a free application to learn Turkish as well as other languages and is available for both iOS and Android. Busuu uses audio-visual aids to teach words and basic sentences. It also allows you to interact with the other users to practice what you’ve learned.

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2- Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language applications all over the world and now is available in Turkish as well. Duolingo is a game-based learning app intended to make the learning phase even more fun. The more you learn, the more you get rewards in this app and it is totally free.

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3- Babble

Babble is a language app providing you a proficiency test at the start of the course just like a language school. Thanks to the app, you will learn the pronunciation of Turkish words correctly. The lessons are usually 10 to 15 minutes long, so the learning process is not boring. You can even practice what you learned with the interactive dialogues in the app.

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4- Learn Fundamental Turkish-Lite

Learn Fundamental Turkish-Lite is one of the best apps to learn Turkish. This app runs with the “LEARN THE WORDS, NOT THE RULES” motto. The app uses flashcard-based software to make words more catchy. The app describes itself as “This is not a dictionary program. This is not a phrasebook.” So, with this app, you will not be learning Turkish grammar, but you will be able to explain yourself in every situation.

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5- Memrise

Memrise is a successful language learning app based out of London. It is both useful and fun as the app provides a game-based learning phase to its users. The app will teach you the top tips of learning a language so you can order your food in a restaurant or even start conversing in Turkish as a beginner. The best part is you can use this app both in online and offline mode and it is totally free.

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Have fun while learning Turkish!

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