Turkish Citizenship through Investment Program

Citizenship through Investment Program is a program offered by various governments and the countries to attract foreign investors. The process in all these countries is almost the same i.e. you invest a certain amount of money and get citizenship in that country. A lot of countries offer this program with the popular ones being Ireland, Malta, Greece, Portugal, Moldova, Turkey, Spain, etc. but they all require you to reside for a specific time period as part of the citizenship process. As compared to other countries, Turkish Citizenship through investment programs is much easier and faster. You can obtain Turkish citizenship instantly after completing a set of procedures as outlined by the government. Here are all details to help you understand the investment program and how you can apply for citizenship.

Options in Turkish Citizenship through Investment Program

1- Buying a Real Estate Worth $250,000

You can obtain Turkish citizenship after buying a real estate worth $250,000. This is the quickest and the most preferred way to get a Turkish passport. In 2016, the minimum real estate investment amount was $1 million, but this amount was drastically reduced to $ 250,000 in 2018. Turkey is a developing country, thus the property value doubles in 2 to 10 years. As per the Turkish government, once you purchase a property and obtain Turkish citizenship, you are not allowed to sell it before three years.

2- Employing at least 50 people

Establishing a company and employing at least 50 people, along with employee insurance, etc. will grant you access to Turkish citizenship. However, considering the paperwork and other official procedures, this is one of the least preferred methods. Establishing a company will certainly take a lot of time than property investment and will be more expensive in the long term.

3- Capital Investments worth $500,000

Capital investment is not only expensive, but the process to invest is extremely complex. You can either buy government bonds worth $500,000, deposit the same amount in a Turkish bank account or make a fixed capital investment for $500,000. All of these investment have to made for three years and you will not be allowed to withdraw it. There is no obligation to keep your money in Turkish lira. You can choose to keep it in USD, Euro or any other currency.

Why Turkey?

When considering a second citizenship, a lot of people ask why should we choose Turkey. Well, here’s exactly why you should opt for Turkish citizenship:

  • Turkey is a natural bridge between East and West, South and North.
  • Thanks to its rich cultural background and holiday resorts, Turkey attracts 50+ million tourists every year.
  • The currency rate of the Turkish lira is a great advantage for foreign investors.
  • Turkey is in the middle of the European and Asian markets.
  • Developed airlines make all destinations reachable with direct flights.
  • Turkey is eight times cheaper when compared to European countries.
  • The average time for establishing a company is six days.
  • Cheap and qualified labor force.
  • With a Turkish passport, you can travel 110+ countries visa-free.
  • Free medical care for all family members.
  • Military service is not mandatory for Investment Program applicants.
  • Learning Turkish is not necessary.

Steps to Obtain Turkish Citizenship through Investment

Here’s how you can apply for a Turkish citizenship through the investment program.

  • Find a property to purchase with a minimum value of USD 250,000 or its equivalent of the Turkish lira.
  • Find a company approved by SPK (Capital Markets Board of Turkey) who prepares real estate valuation report to confirm the real value of the property. The report will be assessed by the Land Registry.
  • Provide your contact number and e-mail address to the Land Registry. After the assessment of the valuation report, you will get a mail from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization including a “Certificate of Conformity” which means that the real estate’s value is confirmed by the authorities.
  • Visit the application website, choose “I Would Like to Lodge a New Application” and you will be directed to the pre-register page where will you provide personal details. Filling in the pre-register page will lead you to the main residency permit form.
  • Fill in the form manually, and choose “Article of 34 J” at the end of the form, and you will have an appointment date for the residency permit. “Article 34 J“ is the residency permit for foreign investors who want to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Apply for your Temporary Residence Permit

You will have to apply for a temporary residence permit as part of your citizenship process. The required documents for this type of permit are almost the same as required for the actual residency permit. The only difference is that you have to submit a title deed instead of a rental contract. All of these documents will be submitted to the Exceptional Turkish Citizenship Department. You will get a residency permit in 2 business days and gain the right to collect final documents to obtain your citizenship.

  • Residence Permit Application Form (must be signed by the foreigner and/or his/her legal representative)
  • Passport Copy (Translated into Turkish and Notarized)
  • 4 Biometric photos (white background)
  • Valid Health Insurance (for one year will be enough)
  • Financial sufficiency proofs (proof of regular income, bank statements)
  • Title Deed and its approval (mentioned before as the Certificate of Conformity) from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization
  • Service Receipt (it can be paid at the opposite building of Exceptional Turkish Citizenship Department)

The Last Step To Obtain Citizenship

Once you get your temporary residency permit, you don’t have to wait for the residency card for this step. Gather and prepare the following documents to complete your application:

  • VAT 4 Form (filled correctly) – Please read the last page carefully
  • Applicant’s Passport Copy (Notarized and Translated into Turkish)
  • If a minor child whose custody is with the applicant mother or father is to acquire citizenship, the applicant should provide a deed of consent duly prepared and signed by the other parent before a notary public in Turkey or by a Foreign Representative of Turkey or by the relative authority of his/her country. (Notarized and Translated into Turkish)
  • Certificate of Civil Status / If Married – Certificate of Marriage / If Divorced – Certificate of Divorce (Separation Deed) / If Widower or Widowed – Death Certificate of Spouse (If any) (Notarized and Translated into Turkish)
  • Birth Certificate / Civil Registration Document (Notarized and Translated into Turkish)
  • 2 Biometric photographs with white background, sized 50×60 mm, as determined by ICAO
  • Residency Permit Paper (valid until applicant’s getting Residency Card)

After the interview, you will get a tracking number by the officers for your application. You can follow the progress of your application through this link. After submission, you will have to wait for the approval mail from the Presidency.

Become a Resident

Turkey is the ideal place to invest and make your home. Why not become a citizen?

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