Ski Resorts in Turkey

Turkey has a lot to offer during winters as it does in summers. Thanks to its geographical position, winters in Turkey are extreme. The country experiences heavy snow, especially in high areas. These high areas have various skiing resorts that offer a tremendous experience for skiers and winter sports fans. Here are the best-known ski resorts in Turkey.

1- Uludağ Ski Resort

Uludağ means “might mountains” in Turkish, is located in the province of Bursa, and is the most popular ski resort in Turkey with its 2543m elevation. The best time to visit is between October and February, as the first snowfall starts in November, but you can visit this place in summers too. Winter sports and skiing are available in Uludağ for almost six months in a year. If you are passionately in love with them, it a must-see place for you.

2- Kartepe Ski Resort

Kartepe, located in Kocaeli, is one of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey. One reason for this is its closeness to central city Istanbul as it takes 2 hours to go to Kartepe from Istanbul. Although it is not as big or advanced as the other skiing spots, it is a great choice for shorter trips.

3- Erciyes Ski Resort

Erciyes Mountain, located in the province of Kayseri, is the highest mountain in middle Anatolia with its 3916m elevation. The ski resort of this mountain is based around 2100m and offers impressive and stunning views to its visitors. The conditions for snow-kiting and skiing in this resort is almost perfect as the way goes long for 150 km. The season for winter sports starts in December, but the best month to visit is January.

4- Kartalkaya Ski Resort

Kartalkaya ski resort is located in the province of Bolu, Köroğlu mountains (2400m) and it is one of the easiest ski resorts to reach from Istanbul and Ankara. As timing is one of the most important things when you are plan to visit a ski resort, the best time to visit this resort is in January when snows are at its peak so you can ski over slopes.

5- Palandöken Ski Resort

Palandöken is located in Erzurum, also known as the Iceland of Turkey. Palandöken Mountain makes the city colder with its winds and snows and also has amazing ski resorts. The season for winter sports and skiing starts in November / December and lasts till May. The city is located in eastern Anatolia which makes it hard to reach from Istanbul but is still worth visiting.

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