Five Best Places to Visit in Izmir

Turkey’s third-biggest city İzmir is a very popular city with its cosmopolitan structure as well as its joyful life and warm climate. Over the past few years, İzmir has emerged as a popular destination for people who want to leave the chaos of big cities like İstanbul without compromising on the opportunities that a big city has to offer. This cool and fun city has also a lot to offer for foreigners with its many touristic attractions. Here are the five best places that you should visit in Izmir.

1- Village of Şirince

Şirince is a dreamy village, located in the south of İzmir. It is famous for its winemakers, historic stone houses and narrow streets. The center, which is almost always full of tourists during the day, is not very big, but it has various shops. You can walk around the center and purchase homemade soaps, handcrafted products such as bags, towels, clothes, organic foods, and much more. Since Şirince is famous for its winemakers, you can visit one of the cellars and taste homemade wines, that are mostly fruit wines.

Fun Fact: According to Mayan Calendar (which declared 2012 as the end of the world), Şirince was one of the two villages which were supposed to be the only surviving places by the end of 2012.

2- The Ancient City of Ephesus

Ephesus is an ancient site and one of the must-see places in İzmir. History of the site dates back to 10th century BC. The site has been inscribed into the world heritage list of UNESCO and attracts almost one million people each year. According to a legend, this ancient city was founded by the Amazon tribe, female warriors, and took its name from their Queen Ephesia. The well preserved Roman city was the second-largest city in that period of time. The site also offers Library of Celsus, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, a theater, Church of Mary, House of the Virgin, the Isabey Mosque, Basilica of St. John and the Temple of Hadrian to its visitors.

3- Alsancak – Kordon Boyu

Alsancak Kordon Boyu is the local gathering point for people from İzmir. It offers sincere and blissful times to spend with the loved ones with its romantic sunsets, coffees, seafood restaurants, chic shops, and walking and cycling routes. But the favorite part of their days for people from İzmir is to lay on the grass by the sea, play their music on their speakers, and have a drink.

4- Kemeraltı Bazaar

Kemeraltı Bazaar, dating back to the 17th century, is home to shops, restaurants, workshops, tea gardens, and historical places. Unlike the other bazaars, Kemeraltı offers the same prices to tourists, and they are really cheap. Kemeraltı is the best place to taste local drinks and foods like bazlama, boyoz, Turkish coffee cooked on the sand, etc in İzmir. It consists of 15,000 shops, and that makes it the world’s biggest open-air shopping area.


Alaçatı is Turkey’s one of the most famous and popular holiday destinations. It attracts both local and foreign tourists with its colorful nightlife, beautiful sea, and beaches, lovely boutique hotels, and shops. Since it is located in the north when compared to other holiday destinations in Turkey, it becomes the choice of people who want to spend a cooler holiday. Thanks to its windy atmosphere, it is also one of the best places to visit in Izmir for windsurfers. The lively atmosphere of Alaçatı will make it a holiday to be remembered.

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