Five Useful Tips to Help You Learn Turkish

Learning a new language is one of the most rewarding skills but a ton of work at the same time. You need to spare a lot of time. When it comes to Turkish, that might be even more compelling. However, it may offer you a lot of opportunities, and it can become fun as well. You might be able to learn Turkish culture by yourself, or you may have job opportunities in Turkey, or you can learn it only to speak people. If you don’t want to waste a lot of money on courses and language schools, here are five tips to learn Turkish language by yourself.

1- Learn the Alphabets to Read and Write Easily

Many people think that Turkish has Arabic alphabets because of its geographical position, but that is not the case. Turkish Language has Latin alphabets. Once you learn the Turkish alphabets, reading and writing will become extremely easy. The Latin alphabet will not be hard for you to learn except a few letters that have some differences. In Turkish, every letter corresponds only to one sound. Turkish letter ç, for example, corresponds to “ch” sound in English. Another example is the letter “X” in English. “X” is not included in the Turkish alphabet because it refers to two sounds “k” and “s”, so when you want to write “Taxi” in Turkish, the correct writing is “Taksi”.

2- Speak Turkish with Native Speakers

If you are building your learning phases according to grammar rules and writing exercises, you’ve chosen the wrong learning path. First of all, you need to know how to pronounce words. You can do so easily by by speaking with native speakers in Turkish. Turkish people can chat with you for hours. So, you can converse with them in their language and you will never get rejected. By talking to native speakers, you can learn how to pronounce words, where to emphasize in word accent, and how to sound natural when speaking.

3- Watch Turkish Movies and TV Series with Subtitles

You wish to learn Turkish language even when not in Turkey and don’t have any Turkish friends to practice? That’s fine. There are other ways to learn words and their pronunciations. In your learning phase, spare some of your time to watch Turkish movies. The actors are native speakers so you will get a clear idea of the accent. Turn on the subtitles in Turkish as well, so you can learn the spelling and pronunciation of the words. You can find the best Turkish movies on this IMDB list. Apart from movies, there are a lot of Turkish tv-series and dramas available on streaming platforms.

4- Online Courses for Basic Turkish Grammar and Common Words

It is a known fact that the most common 100 words in any language cover 50% of all spoken communication. That means when you learn common words, you will be able to understand sentences that you hear. Basic grammar will let you create simple sentences. These are good starting points when you learn a completely different language. There might be a lot of mistakes, but do not lose your passion. It will take less than one year to become fluent in the Turkish language. Here’s a comprehensive list of videos, websites, and apps to help you learn Turkish language.

5- Be Persistent in Practicing Turkish Every Day

No one can say that learning a new language is easy. It requires patience, persistence, and a lot of time. If you’ve spared your time already, then make it worth your while. You can listen to Turkish songs and try to sing them. If you have just learned a new word, use it in a sentence to understand its phrase. Try to speak out loud the words to make them familiar to you. That will be useful as you hear the same words in the future, you will quickly recognize them. Go to random Turkish videos with subtitles, or watch Turkish movies. All in all, it is the practice that will make you a perfect Turkish speaker.

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