Health Insurance in Turkey for Expats

Healthcare and health insurance are among the most important things to learn when you move out to a new country. The health insurance in Turkey is considered to be one of the best in the world as the system covers all. As a foreigner, two types of health insurance system is available for you.

1- Private Health Care Insurance

There are many qualified companies offering private health care insurance in Turkey. Private health insurance provides the quickest and most qualified health care.

Process to Apply for Private Health Insurance in Turkey

Step 1- You need to have a tax number obtained within the borders of Turkey, and a Turkish bank account.

Step 2- Almost every insurance company has a health package for foreigners. They usually work with their registered representatives. You can locate their dealership and visit them.

Step 3- When visiting the dealerships, make sure you have your passport or residence card. You can find a fixed health package but it may change based on your age and your medical condition. The prices vary from 5,000 TL – 40,000 TL.

Step 5- Payment to the insurance company has to be made annually. It varies across age groups. Payment to the hospital depends on your health care package. For instance, there are limitless packages where you will not have to pay even a red cent. However, some packages are limited i.e. 80% of ambulatory treatment will be covered while the remaining 20% must be paid by you.

Private health insurance is personal insurance. Your spouse or children cannot benefit from your insurance. You have to purchase separate insurance for every family member.

When purchasing the insurance, the company will inform you of the hospitals on their panel. So whenever you avail your insurance, you should visit the hospitals stated by your insurance provider. To set up an appointment, call the hospital, and you can get an appointment the same day. All private hospitals have an English-speaker helpline so you will have no trouble communicating with them.

If you do not have private health care insurance, you can get an appointment from private hospitals, but you will have to pay the bill yourself, which might be quite expensive without an insurance.

List of Private Healthcare Insurance Companies in Turkey

2– General Health Insurance in Turkey

To apply for a general health insurance as a foreigner, the first condition is to complete one year in Turkey. Once you have fulfilled this condition, you will then have the right to apply for a general health insurance in Turkey.

Documents Required for Applying for General Health Insurance

  • Residence Card
  • Residence Certificate (can be obtained from Civil Registry Office)
  • If you are married, marriage certificate (translated and notarized in Turkish)
  • If you have children under 18 years old, their birth certificate (translated and notarized in Turkish)

Applying for General Health Insurance

The process to apply for general health insurance in Turkey is easy. All you have to do is go to one of the Social Security Institutions for application after residing one year in Turkey. Every district has its Social Security Institution in Istanbul. After submitting the required documents to the officer, you will be registered for general health insurance. The insurance premium for foreigners is 614,02 TL monthly. Specific banks like Halk Bank, Ziraat Bankası, Vakıf Bank etc. accept monthly insurance payments, thus you can pay online every month.

If you are married, your spouse and children under 18 can benefit from the same insurance. Children under 20 and studying in high school or children under 25 and studying in university, and children who have a disability can benefit from general health insurance as well.

After obtaining general health insurance, there are three ways to get an appointment.

  1. Call 182 and get an appointment.
  2. Set up an appointment through the app. Download the mobile application of the appointment system and set up an appointment. Links for Ios and Android are as follows:
    1. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tr.com.innova.fta.mhrs&hl=en
    2. https://apps.apple.com/tr/app/mhrs-mobil/id589804718?l=en
  3. Visit the website to get an appointment. On the website, first, you need to select your city, then you need to select the hospital. It will take you to the hospital departments. Choose the department and date. On the final step, you can choose your doctor, and it is done.

Do Not Have Health Insurance in Turkey?

In case you do not have insurance in Turkey, you can still get medical assistance in the following two ways.

1– Private Medical Clinics

Private medical clinics do not accept any insurance. It doesn’t matter if you have general insurance or private health insurance, you will have to pay for your visit/treatment yourself. If you are looking for an appointment at one of the private medical clinics in Turkey you can get one easily on the same day. They might be expensive, so make sure to ask for the complete price before you start your treatment.

2- Family Doctors

There are primary health care centers in every neighborhood in Turkey. For common issues like fever, flu, headache, etc., you can visit them for a quick prescription. If you have a registered address, that means the government has appointed a family doctor for you and your family, and the doctor is working in your neighborhood. You don’t need to be insured to visit your family doctor. You do not have to pay for your treatment, but you will have to pay to buy the medicines that have been prescribed by the doctor.

Applying for a Turkish Residence Permit?

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