Finding an Apartment for Rent in Istanbul

Renting processes are different in every country. There is no doubt that finding the right apartment that is according to your needs is hard and compelling. The process becomes even more complex when you are in a new country with no help. To assist you with your search, here are three different ways to find an apartment for rent in Istanbul.

District Index Points for Istanbul 2019

Before you start your search, decide where you want to live and in which district. Here are the district names along with their life-index points 2019 in Istanbul.

  1. Beşiktaş 0,911
  2. Kadiköy 0,886
  3. Bakirköy 0,613
  4. Şişli 0,574
  5. Fatih 0,490
  6. Beyoğlu 0,367
  7. Üsküdar 0,347
  8. Sariyer 0,347
  9. Eyüp 0,183
  10. Maltepe 0,161
  11. Kartal 0,128
  12. Küçükçekmece 0,114
  13. Bayrampaşa 0,093
  14. Büyükçekmece 0,081
  15. Bahçelievler 0,053
  16. Ataşehir 0,046
  17. Pendik 0,032
  18. Zeytinburnu 0,027
  19. Beylikdüzü 0,025
  20. Beykoz 0,025
  21. Tuzla -0,018
  22. Kağithane -0,020
  23. Ümraniye -0,028
  24. Güngören -0,119
  25. Adalar -0,142
  26. Başakşehir -0,152
  27. Avcilar -0,161
  28. Bağcilar -0,190
  29. Esenyurt -0,194
  30. Çatalca -0,228
  31. Çekmeköy -0,264
  32. Silivri -0,304
  33. Gaziosmanpaşa -0,333
  34. Sancaktepe -0,391
  35. Esenler -0,421
  36. Sultangazi -0,518
  37. Şile -0,587
  38. Sultanbeyli -0,601
  39. Arnavutköy -0,620

Things to Know to Find an Apartment for Rent in Istanbul

There are three ways to find a rental apartment in Istanbul. The first one is visiting a real estate agency. A real estate agent is called “Emlakçı” in Turkish. You can find one easily in your vicinity. The second way to find an apartment for rent in Turkey is to get in touch directly with its owner. This is one of the best options because there is no broker and you will not have to pay to a real estate agency separately. The third one is searching on real estate websites which is also the most common way to find a rental in Turkey. All you have to do is visit one of the websites stated below, find a rental flat, get in touch with the owner or real estate agency, go and visit your chosen apartment and decide what is best for you.

Finding a Rental Apartment Through A Real Estate Agency

Finding an apartment for rent in Istanbul through real estate agencies is a common practice. Once you decide on the district you want to live in, your next step will be to get in touch with a reliable real estate agency. Unfortunately, there are only a few real estate agencies that have English speaking agents. You will have to find someone who is bilingual (someone who can speak Turkish and English).

Once you find the right person, it is now time to visit apartments with the agent. The agency will take down your requirements and will inform you of the available flats. Make sure you provide all details so that there is no confusion later on and the process to find an apartment for you becomes easy. While visiting the apartments, you will be accompanied by the agent to help you choose the perfect one. 

When you rent a flat through a real estate agency, you will have to pay their commission which is usually equivalent to the first-month rental fee.

Finding an Apartment for Rent in Istanbul Directly through the Owner

This is the best yet the hardest option. Finding owners directly, especially when you have recently moved to Turkey, is a cumbersome process. To make it easy for you, we list three ways how you can get in touch with an apartment owner. 

  1. Search the real estate websites and get in contact with the landlord. 
  2. Search for them in your chosen area. You can look for them in advertisements that are usually placed on vacant flat’s windows, etc. Look for signs that read “Sahibinden Kiralık” or “Sahibinden Satılık” (this means rental flat by owner or for sale by owner). 
  3. Ask people you personally know. They might know someone and will help you in renting an apartment in Turkey.

Searching on Real Estate Websites

This step is the simplest. You just need to visit one of the websites given below. Create filters for fees, districts, city, etc. and start your search. Go through all the options, and find the right one for you. Contact number of the owner/real estate agency is mentioned on these websites. Get into contact with them and schedule an appointment with them. Visit the flat to make sure that it is the right choice for you.

  1. Lameta Real Estate & Relocation 
  2. Sahibinden
  3. Zingat
  4. Hurriyet Real Estate
  5. Emlak.Net
  6. Emlakjet 
  7. RE/MAX Türkiye 
  8. Emlaksitem
  9. Sabah Sarı Sayfalar
  10. İşyeri İlanları

Move to Turkey

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