Purchasing Furniture in Turkey

Furnishing a home is one of the most compelling tasks when you move to a new country. It is the place where we spent most of our time, so it has to look beautiful and be comfortable. You can furnish your home in Turkey without much hassle. Depending on your budget, you can either purchase new or opt for second-hand furniture. If you have the budget and time, you can even order furniture in Turkey. There are make-to-order markets where you can go and order furniture for yourself.

Starting with the cheapest, we talk about all these three furnishing options in detail.

Second-Hand Turkish Furniture Stores

If you don’t want to spend too much money, this might be the best option for you. But before starting, you should know that second-hand stores accept only cash. There are very few stores that accept debit or credit cards. You can find these stores in every district (at least in Istanbul). Second-hand stores are known as “Spotçular Çarşısı” in Turkey. You may find very cheap goods, including white goods in these stores. These are used goods so you will have to spend time evaluating the quality and then deciding which one to buy. From tables and chairs to carpets and couch, you can find everything at an affordable price in these stores.
Here are some websites where you can find used furniture, but you will have to visit these stores to make sure that you buy quality furniture. When you make the final purchase decision, furniture if delivered to your doorstep.

Popular Furniture Stores in Turkey

The most popular stores in Turkey are IKEA, KOÇTAŞ, Enza Home, Bellona, Mudo Consept, Kelebek, Adore Mobilya, TepeHome, İstikbal, İpek Mobilya, Kilim Mobilya. IKEA and KOÇTAŞ are huge stores and we strongly recommend that you visit them physically to buy furniture in Turkey. You can see where IKEA stores are located via this link, and KOÇTAŞ stores via this link.

There are a lot of other furniture stores in shopping centers all over the country. Their website links are given below:

Do not forget to inform the store if the installation of the furniture will be done by you or you will need their staff to install it. In case you need them to do the installation, they will provide you with a date when their technical team will visit for assembling purposes.

Make-to-Order Furniture in Turkey

This is the most expensive choice with respect to buying furniture in Turkey. You have to be very specific when you choose to order your furniture. You will have to find a craftsman or a carpenter in your local area and specify the type of wood, shape, size, etc. you desire. You may even experience the language barrier here because most carpenters in Turkey speak Turkish only.

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Turkey is a gorgeous place to call home. Want to learn more about how you can call it YOUR home?

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