List of Best Apps in Turkey

Settling in Turkey as a foreigner is no longer a hassle. The transition might be tiresome but, technology has made the process easier. With an app for almost everything, moving into a new country and settling in is now extremely hassle-free. To help you get familiarised with the Turkish way of life, here are some best apps in Turkey. These apps are almost necessary for conducting your day-to-day chores.

Yemek Sepeti (Food Delivery App)

Almost all restaurants in Turkey are listed on this application. You can easily order food via this app.

BiTaksi (Taxi App)

This app is extremely helpful for first-time visitors. You can find the nearest taxi around and book one through this app.

Tureng or Seslisözlük (Dictionary)

This is a dictionary app that is extremely useful while communicating. You can translate from English to Turkish and Turkish to English. It comes in handy when you’re talking to a local and are searching for the right word(s).

Yandex Maps

This app helps you find places both, online and offline. Yandex guides you to your destination and assists you with routes and directions.

En Yakın ATM BUL (ATM Locator App)

This app helps you find ATMs nearby so you do not have to travel all the way to your bank/branch.


This is the official application of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality IETT Operations General Directorate. You can locate public buses in real-time through this app, can check the departure times of buses and also view the departure destinations.

Metro İstanbul

Metro Istanbul app presents the metro map for all users. The app does not require any network connection to operate. You can calculate your itinerary, check the metro working hours as well as the weather conditions. You can also

XE Currency (Currency Exchange App)

One of the best apps in Turkey for up-to-date currency exchange rates. Download this app and find out the latest exchange rates on the go!

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