Learn Turkish Language as a Foreigner

If you plan to move to Turkey, learning the local language will not only help you settle in comfortably but will also help you get work in the country. Almost 90 percent of Turkish companies prefer candidates who can speak the local language. Also, Turkish is a pre-requisite of a lot of job applications. Thus, to learn the Turkish language should be your first priority.

Not only is the Turkish language necessary for job applications, but for your daily chores as well. Whether you’re visiting the market, roaming around in malls or dining out, everyone speaks Turkish. Hence, learning the local language to live and survive in Turkey is nearly a necessity.

There is no doubt that learning a new language is a challenging task, therefore, we recommend that you start with the basics. To help you learn the Turkish language, here are some useful tools and resources. The best part of our list of language resources is that they are free! You will learn the language without even spending a penny.

Videos to Learn the Turkish Language

Here’s a list of youtube videos that will help you learn the basic words and phrases of the Turkish language.

Once you’re familiar with the basics, move on to the next level of learning the language. This list contains advanced lessons to learn the Turkish language.

Applications to Learn Turkish Language

Interested in learning the language on the go? Here are some applications (along with their download links) to help you learn Turkish.

6000 Kelime

This is a free application and will teach you Turkish words with visual images. The best thing is, once you download the app, you will not need an internet connection to use it.


Busuu is a great language learning application for beginners. You can learn over 12 major languages through this free app.


Babbel is another great application to learn different languages. Built by a number of language experts, you can choose from 14 languages in the app. Learn Turkish for free by downloading this application.

Learn Turkish

This is a free application that will improve your daily language skills. You can learn the Turkish language level by level via this application.

Hangman Turkish Practice

Hangman, a well-known game, is now available to improve your Turkish vocabulary. This app is an excellent example of learning with fun. Enjoy the joyful experience of learning Turkish with this free application.

Learn Turkish – Language Course

This app contains daily lessons to help you learn Turkish. You can improve speaking skills, learn core Turkish and use it in your daily life.


Memrise is a free application that helps you learn multiple languages with the help of native speakers. You will have fun while learning Turkish with this app.

Websites to Learn the Turkish Language

Apart from youtube videos and mobile applications, there are some websites that help you learn Turkish step-by-step. Here’s a list of some websites that help you learn the language for free:

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