A Guide to Getting Internet Access in Turkey

Foreigners living in Turkey require access to the internet for a variety of reasons. They need to keep in touch with family and friends back home and for foreign businesspersons, the internet is a necessity in order to maintain their business.

Internet providers like Turkcell Superonline, Turk Telekom TTNET and Turknet are the biggest internet connection providers in the country. Obtaining an internet connection from one of these companies will be extremely beneficial for you as they are more professional than the rest and their customer service is unmatched. All customer complaints are resolved in two or three business days.

In Turkey, the groundwork of the district directly affects internet speed. Thus, developed districts have a better groundwork system, leading to a better and enhanced internet speed.

List of Internet Service Providers in Turkey

Following is a list of internet service providers in Turkey along with their users’ percentage.

  • Turkcell Superonline: 39%
  • Turknet: 22%
  • Türk Telekom TTNET: 18%
  • Turksat (Kablo Net & Uydu Net): 14%
  • Vodafone Net: 3%
  • Millenicom: 3%
  • D-Smart İnternet: 1%
  • Digiturk İnternet: 1%

Step by Step Procedure to Get Internet Access in Turkey

For expats living in Turkey, here is a step by step procedure for getting an internet connection.

Step 1- Gather all Required Documents

To obtain an internet connection for your home/flat/house/apartment, you need to have a residence permit and foreigners ID card and passport copy (translated into Turkish and notarized). You also need to have a bank account to be able to pay your internet bills.

Step 2- Apply for your Internet Connection

You can either apply for an internet connection online or physically with going to one of the providers’ dealership.

To apply online, you can visit the company’s website and provide them with all the details. You will be asked to provide your phone number. Once you do, you will receive a call from the company and your internet connection process will be initiated.

Here are links to get you started. You can choose a company according to your preference.

To apply physically, you just need to go one of the dealerships in your district along with your passport copy (notarized) and residency card (foreigners ID Card).

Internet packages offered by all Turkish internet providers are almost the same. Depending on the internet speed, the difference in price range is from 50 TL to 200 TL. However, the whole groundwork system belongs to Turk Telekom so, they offer the cheapest internet connection in Turkey.

Step 3- Groundwork Inspection by the Internet Provider’s Technical Team

After the company receives your application, they will send their technical team to your address for a groundwork system inspection. For instance, if you’ve applied for a 100 MB internet connection, the team will inspect whether or not your groundwork system can provide this internet speed.

If the groundwork system can sustain your requested internet speed, the internet service provider will send their team to set up the connection. In case the groundwork system is not up to the mark, the company will offer you another connection package according to your groundwork system.

Please keep it in mind, developed areas like Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Levent, Maslak, Beyoglu, Sisli, Bostanci etc. always have better groundwork system.

Step 4- Sign a Written Contract

You’ve found the right package for you. Now its time to sign a written contract between you and your internet connection provider. Before they send you a team to set up your modem and connection, you need to sign this contract. The contract is usually for one year. The only restriction is for foreigners. They have to pay a deposit of 300 TL for the modem. Once you return the modem to the company, you will get this amount back.

You’re all done! Enjoy browsing the internet, streaming your favorite TV shows and speaking to your loved ones.

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