How to Apply for a Short Term Residency in Turkey?

Foreign nationals who wish to stay in Turkey for a longer period of time are required to apply for residency in Turkey. A short term permit is usually granted for a year and is renewable each year. Here’s how you can apply for your Turkish short term permit.

Step 1 – Collect the required documents and apply for a Turkish tourist visa. If you’re from Pakistan, here’s how you can obtain a Turkish tourist visa.

Step 2 – After you’ve reached Turkey, you will have to obtain a potential tax number from one of the Tax Offices. This is needed to carry out official procedures such as rental agreements, notary public, etc. Every district has its own Tax Office. For instance, district Beşiktaş Tax Office, Kadıköy Tax Office, Gayrettepe Tax Office, Mecidiyeköy Tax Office, Maslak Tax Office.

Step 3 – You will now have to get private health insurance that will cover your residency period.

Step 4 – Next, find a home/apartment and obtain a rental contract. This way you will have a local address to show for your residency process. This address can also be of your hotel (if you’re living in a hotel), however, you will need a written rental contract from your hotel.

Step 5 – Get all below required documents translated (certified) and notarized.

  • Residence Permit Application Form
  • Passport Copy (Notarized and Translated into Turkish)
  • 4 Biometric Photos (White background and should be recent i.e. not older than last 6 months)
  • Rental Agreement showing local address
  • Proof of financial sufficiency (bank statements, bank account deeds, regular income)
  • Health Insurance (Covering the start and expiry date of your intended short term permit period)

Step 6 – Visit the e-Ikamet official website to start your residency application. Once you’ve created an account and submitted your application, you will be notified via SMS or e-mail regarding your application. It might take 1 month or 6 weeks to obtain an interview date.

Step 7 – Prepare yourself for your interview at the Turkish Immigration Office by keeping all your documents ready. You will have to pay the official residency fee (this amount depends on the age of the applicant and residency permit period you are applying for). There is a card fee as well for first-time applicants. You will have to pay 89 TL at the Tax Office. Next, you need to prove that you can sustain yourself financially during your stay in Turkey. This is done by submitting/showing copies of bank statements.

Step 8 – Submit all these required documents at the Migration Office and you will be notified of the result. The official assessment time is 90 days but generally, the process takes 4-6 weeks.

Apply for your Residency in Turkey!

All you have to do is to fill in this form and we’ll handle the residency process for you.

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