Study in These Best Universities in Istanbul

Higher education in Turkey is regarded as one of the best throughout the world. The quality of Turkish education is unmatched and meets the international standard of education. This is one of the main reason why students from around the world choose Turkey to complete their higher studies. Turkish universities, and specifically universities in Istanbul are a popular choice among foreign students.

Universities in Istanbul are known for their curriculum, which combines world-class education with personality and character development. In addition to this, the extra curricular activities are designed to prepare students face the real world.

Applying in a Turkish university as an expat requires you to fulfill certain requirements. You have to make sure that all the required documents are submitted, you have the student residence permit and most importantly, you have passed the Foreign Student Exam (YÖS). This exam usually tests IQ and math, but depending on the university and the program you are applying for, you might be required to go through additional tests/exams.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular Istanbul universities along with their websites. You can find more information regarding their curriculum and programs on their website.

List of Universities in Istanbul

Name of UniversityWebsite
Istanbul Universityhttps://www.istanbul.edu.tr/en
Istanbul Technical Universityhttp://www.itu.edu.tr
Boğaziçi University http://www.boun.edu.tr/en_US
Yildiz Technical University http://www.yildiz.edu.tr/en
Marmara University https://www.marmara.edu.tr/en
Koç University https://www.ku.edu.tr/en
Sabancı University https://www.sabanciuniv.edu/en
Bezmialem University https://www.bezmialem.edu.tr/en
Özyeğin University https://www.ozyegin.edu.tr
Yeditepe Üniversitesi https://www.yeditepe.edu.tr
Bahçeşehir University https://www.bau.edu.tr
İstanbul Medeniyet University https://www.medeniyet.edu.tr/en
Acıbadem University https://www.acibadem.edu.tr/en
Istanbul Bilgi University https://www.bilgi.edu.tr/en

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