A Guide to the Best Schools in Izmir

When moving to Turkey, the first thing that might come to your mind is your children’s education. Regardless of the city you choose to reside in, the country maintains a high standard of education. If you’re planning to settle down in Izmir, you will have to make sure that you are aware of the best schools in the city.

Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey. Education is this city is just as accessible as in other Turkish cities. Home to some of the best schools in Turkey, Izmir is one of the most liveliest Turkish cities. This is one of the main reason, a lot of expats choose Izmir as their home.

To help you guide through the education system in Izmir, and make it easier for you to choose the best school for your children, here’s a comprehensive list of schools in Izmir. This list not only includes the school names, but also includes the website and contact number of all listed schools. So, you can just go through the list, and get in touch with the school right away!

List of Schools in Izmir

Institution NameWeb URLType of SchoolContact Number
MEF International Schools İzmirhttp://www.mefis.k12.tr/izmir/Junior to Senior+90 232 274 7474
TAD Pre-Schoolhttps://www.tadpreschool-mavisehir.com/Pre-School+90 232 999 8300
Işıkkent Eğitim Kampüsühttps://www.isikkent.k12.tr/tr-TRJunior to Senior+90 232 462 7100
Özel Piri Reis Okullarıhttp://www.pirireis.k12.tr/Junior to Senior+90 232 362 4748
Deutsche Schule Izmirhttp://www.ds-izmir.com/Junior to Senior+90 232 234 7507
Özel İzmir Sev İlkokuluhttps://www.sevizmir.k12.tr/Pre-School to Secondary+90 232 355 0555
Özel Yücel Tonguç
http://www.yuceltonguc.k12.tr/Pre-School to Secondary+90 232 7661123
Izmir SEV Primary Education Institutionshttps://www.sevizmir.k12.tr/Pre-School to Secondary+90 232 355 0444
İngiliz Kültür Kolejlerihttp://izmiringilizkulturokullari.com/Pre-School to Secondary+90 232 375 8484
Özel İtalyan Ana ve İlkokuluhttp://italokul.k12.tr/Pre-School to Elementary+90 232 421 4647

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