List of Top Schools in Ankara

When moving to Turkey, choosing the best school for your children will be your top priority. The Turkish capital offers nothing but the best in education. Ankara has some of the best schools in Turkey. The quality of education provided in these schools is unmatched and a lot of students from these schools have gone on to study in some of the world-class universities.

Education in Turkey for expats is easily accessible. Public schools in Turkey are open for expats, however, the language of instruction is Turkish. This is why you might want to choose a private or an international school for your children. These schools are bilingual which means that they offer education in English as well.

In Ankara, there are a number of schools for you to choose from. In this post, we list some of the best schools in Ankara to help you select the right institute for your child! This is a comprehensive list of some of the best educational institutes as it includes the websites, the schooling type and the contact number of the school. So, you can get started with your child’s education right away!

List of Schools in Ankara

Institution NameWeb URLSchooling SystemType of SchoolContact Number
British Embassy School Ankarahttp://www.besaturkey.org/information/curriculumEnglish National CurriculumPrimary and Middle School+90 312 468 6563
Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)https://www.dodea.edu/AnkaraEHS/community.cfmAmerican CurriculumJunior to Senior+90 321 287 2532
Bilkent Laboratory & International Schoolhttp://blisankara.org/IBJunior to Senior+90 312 290 5361 – 62
Oasis International School Ankarahttp://oisankara.org/American CurriculumElementary to Secondary+90 312 285 7524
Pakistan Embassy International Study Grouphttp://www.peisg.com/British Curriculum - A LEVELPre-School to High School+90 312 219 4356 - 57
Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, Ankara
https://sites.google.com/lcdgankara.org/principal/French BaccalaureatePrimary to High School+90 312 491 7225
Private School of the German Embassy Ankarahttps://www.ers-ankara.com/IBPre-School to High School+90 312 426 6382
The Özel Bilkent Schoolshttp://www.obi.bilkent.edu.tr/IBPre-School to High School+90 312 290 8344
The International Preschool And Kindergartenhttp://preschooltr.com/?page_id=54IBPre-School+90 312 437 8855
Gence Preschoolhttp://genceyuva.com/IBPre-School+90 312 426 4367
Kips Kids İnternational Preschoolhttp://www.kipspreschool.com/IBPre-School+90 312 466 4640
International Play School (Preschool / Kreş)http://www.ipsplayschool.com/index.phpMixed Method / Early Child EducationPre-School+90 312 236 3733
Ankara English Pre-Schoolhttp://www.ankaraenglishpreschool.com/Montessori / Reggio EmiliaPre-School+90 312 446 5588
Sihirli Bahçe Montessori School
http://www.sihirlibahce.com.tr/enMontessoriPre-School+90 312 496 1671
Gymboree Classeshttps://www.gymboreeclasses.com.tr/Early Child EducationPre-School+90 312 437 7958
Minik Devler International Pre-Schoolhttp://www.minikdevler.com/IBPre-School+90 312 495 4858
Gardenya Montessori Preschoolhttp://gardenyamontessori.com/MontessoriPre-School+90 505 143 6577
Yeşil Çizgi Kreşhttp://onokulyesilcizgi.com/IBPre-School+90 312 466 0696

Apply for a Residence Permit!

As soon as you obtain a Residence Permit in Turkey, your children will be eligible to be apply in any of these schools in Ankara!

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