Timeline and Process for Obtaining a Short Term Turkish Resident Permit

Turkey offers three basic visa programs. Short Term Resident Permit, Permanent Resident Permit and Turkish Citizenship. While Permanent Residency and Citizenship require some sort of investment in the country, a Short Term Turkish Resident Permit does not require any investment.

The Temporary Resident Visa Permit is not offered by the Turkish Consulates &/or Turkish Embassies. The TRV is only offered inside of Turkey. In order to begin your residency permit application, you have to make a trip to Istanbul on a tourist visa. Whilst you are in Istanbul, your short-term residence permit can be applied for.

You need to be physically present in Turkey, on a valid tourist (not business/work) visa when your application is filed. It takes anywhere from 1-to-2 weeks to get an interview and up to 4-5 weeks to obtain your residency card. The goal is to file immediately upon your arrival in Istanbul so that your interview can be arranged for in 2-5 days time.

However, note that you cannot work on a resident permit. Once your resident permit card has been granted you are free to live, move about, fly in/out of Turkey as you wish. Additionally, you can seek employment opportunities as well but, if you wish to work in Turkey, you have to obtain a work permit. Once you find employment, then your employer will issue you the necessary paperwork for you to apply for a work permit visa.

Apply for your Turkish Resident Permit

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