A Guide to Turkey E-Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

Introduction to Turkey E-Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

The recent changes made to the Turkey e-visa requirements for Pakistani citizens has completely changed the process of visa acquisition. Whether you are planning to visit the country for a job hunt or to indulge in its cultural diversity, you will need a visa to be allowed entry. One of the changes made by the new laws implemented in late 2018 was the discontinuation of the visa on arrival service. Prior to the implementation of these changes, visitors would be allowed into the country after which they would apply for the e-visa at the airport. The new laws, however, require visitors to apply for and acquire the visa before taking the trip.

What are the Turkey E-Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens?

Before applying for a Turkish e visa, it is important to note that the e visa is valid strictly for trade and touristic purposes. Only some countries are eligible for the e visa, Pakistan being one of them.

When applying for an e visa, you need to ascertain that you have all the Turkish e visa requirements for Pakistani citizens. Some of the documents you need for eligibility include:

A passport: Every applicant for an e visa is required, under the new laws, to be in possession of a valid passport. Applicants without passports are required to hold valid documents as substitutes for the passport. The passport or travel documents need to have an expiration date of at least 2 months more than the duration of stay of their e visa.

Photographs: The applicant is required to present recent photographs on a white background.

Income: Personal income supporting documents, banks statements, National Tax Number Certificate, proof of income tax payment and bank account information certificates need to be included in the application.

Other documents: Some of the other documents that are needed as part of the Turkey e-visa requirements for Pakistani citizens are polio card, health fitness certificate, flight booking copies, hotel accommodation bookings as well as travel insurance.

Application Process

The process of applying for the Turkish e visa is relatively simple and straightforward. The application is done via the foreign affairs ministry website. Although there are third party websites, the ministry warns against it as they charge extra. Cases of fake e passports have also been reported.

Making the application is the first step. After ascertaining that you meet all the eligibility criteria for an e visa, you need to fill in a form on the website. Provide the requested information and submit the required documents at this stage.

Paying for your E-Visa

The next stage is the payment. After successfully completing and submitting the application form, proceed to the payment platform. A service charge of $20 is needed. Acceptable payment methods are UnionPay, Mastercard or Visa, both credit and debit cards. After satisfying all the Turkey E Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens and making the payment, you will receive an email with a link to download the e visa.

Do You Qualify?

Find out if you qualify for a Turkish residence permit by applying below.

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