A Step by Step Guide to Track your Turkish Visa Application

Turkish Visa Processing Time in Pakistan

The Turkish visa processing time in Pakistan varies from a few days to several days, depending on various factors. The type of visa applied for and the number of applications at a given time are among the common factors that ultimately determine the amount of time it takes for a Turkish visa application to be processed. Applying for a Turkish visa has been made rather simple by the recent changes implemented by the Foreign Affairs ministry. There are a number of specific countries, Pakistan for instance, that have minimal procedures to follow in order to acquire a Turkish Visa.

First, You Apply

Turkey is a particularly exciting destination. Having existed for several decades, the country has a rich history and is home to exceptional attractions. The country also offers amazing business and career opportunities. There are tons of reasons one may feel the need to visit the country. Before getting into Turkey however, one needs to be in possession of the required papers. For Pakistani citizens, an electronic visa is required for stays of up to 90 days. It is also only valid for business and tourism travels. For people intending to stay longer than 90 days or those that are in the country for other reasons, a visit visa is applicable.

Application for visas vary on the basis of the type of visa. For an e-visa, the application process is quite easy. The applicant needs to fill in the application form that is available on the Foreign Affairs ministry website. They will then need to attach recent passport photographs and a copy of their passport or other travel documents. The Turkish e-visa processing time in Pakistan is just a few days.

For an actual visa, an applicant needs to present several documents and meet certain criteria. Polio vaccinations, travel medical insurance, character certification from the police tax certificates and income supporting documents are some of the documents required for the application. For the applications to go through, the applicant needs to ensure that they present all the required documents and provide accurate information. This goes a long way in smoothing the tracking process of the visa application as well.

Turkish Visa Processing Time Pakistan – The Tracking Process

For peace of mind, an applicant may find it necessary to have a way of tracking their application. There are websites that are designed specifically for tracking Pakistani visa applications. The first step to tracking the visa application progress is visiting a tracking website that is approved by the Turkish Immigration. Such websites have a function that is tailored to make the process of tracking application progress easy.

The applicant then needs to fill in the requested info such as the application reference, the passport number and the email used for filing the application. A response with the status of the application will then be sent to the applicant. Turkish Visa Processing Time for Pakistan is usually about 10 working days from the date of submission. There are certain cases in which applications take up to 3 or 4 weeks to be processed.

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