A Complete Guide to Obtain Turkish Visit Visa from Pakistan

With the recent changes in immigration laws, getting a Turkish visit visa from Pakistan is one of the efficient ways of avoiding issues with authorities at the airport. Turkey is an exciting destination that offers a lot in terms of sightseeing, culture and opportunities. Whether you are planning on visiting the country for recreation or looking for a business or career opportunity, it is important to apply for a visit visa ahead of your travel date. While the application process may be simple and straightforward, there are a number of documents that you will be required to present alongside your application.

Requirements for Turkish Visit Visa from Pakistan

All Pakistani applicants are required to complete a visa application form that is available from the Foreign Affairs website. After filling in the form with the required information such as personal details and residential/host info where applicable, the applicant needs to sign and attach the other required documents. The first and second pages of a valid passport and every other used page is also required for the application.

The applicant is required to attach 2 recent photographs taken on a white background. An ordinary passport or recognized travel document that is valid for not less than 180 days from the expected travel date. Third country nationals that are residents of Pakistan are also required to include residence in Pakistan.

Some of the other documents that are required during application for Turkish visit visa from Pakistan include certificate for polio vaccination from a government facility, TMI – travel medical insurance, national tax number certificate, hotel reservation, flight booking, personal income supporting documents as well as copies of previous visas. Also needed are Bank Account Maintenance certificate, police character certificate, bank statement for the last 6 months as well as a health fitness card.

Application Process for Turkish Visit Visa

Preparing the required documents and completing the application form is the first step of applying for a Turkish Visit Visa from Pakistan. The forms are submitted online through an online submission portal. After filling in accurate information, print form and sign on the appropriate blocks. Attach the photographs and the passport. The application form and the attached documents should then be taken to Gerry Fed EX office where they are submitted to the counter. Applicant is issued a token that is required for collection of documents.

After submission, the application for Turkish Visit visa from Pakistan takes approximately 4 days for verification and forwarding to Turkish Embassy.

Turkey Visit Visa Charges

The charges for Turkish visit visa from Pakistan are:

  • Rs.7,350 for single entry
  • Rs.23,930 for double entry
  • Rs.7,350 is charged for single transit fee
  • Rs.14,700 for double
  • The visa processing fee is 37,800 while
  • Gerry’s service charge is Rs.2,500 per applicant.

Getting back your documents from Gerry’s is the last stage of the application. The application can be rejected with no explanations given. Applicants whose applications are rejected can reapply after 6 months.

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