Turkey Visit Visa – Why You Should Get it?

Turkey visit visa requirement knowledge is a must when planning a trip to Turkey. It is important to take note of the new changes made to the Turkey visit visa requirement. Implemented in late 2018, the new rules have changed various elements of visit visa acquisition. For a visitor to be allowed entry into the country, they are required to apply for the visit visa beforehand. This is unlike previous requirements in which the visitor would apply for the visa at the airport. Application for the visa is done through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. The applicants are required to pay a $20 charge that can be paid by debit or credit cards.

Why Turkey

Turkey is undoubtedly one of the most exciting tourist destinations of the world. With a rich history that dates several centuries back, the country draws visitors from every corner of the world. Turkey is home to tons of ancient monuments that were left after the rise and fall of several kingdoms and empires. The country’s vibrant cultures, delectable cuisines and gorgeous landscape offer visitors an opportunity for enjoying an exceptional experience.

The Aya Sofya is an example of the country’s popular attractions. Located in Istanbul, the structure is an architectural marvel and is considered among the most beautiful buildings of the world. Also, in the country is the marvelous ruin of Ephesus. It is one of the few structures from the Roman Empire that still stand. Other noteworthy attractions are Cappadocia, Topkapı Palace, Pamukkale, Ani, Mount Nemrut as well as Aspendos.

Look out for the New Turkey Visit Visa Requirements

In order to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fun activities that Turkey has to offer, you need to observe the Turkey visit visa requirement. Apply for the visa well in time and make the necessary payments. Ensure that your passport is valid for not less than half a year before your entry into the country. Observing the Turkey visit visa requirement protects you from inconveniences and delays at the airport, allowing you a smooth entrance into the country.

Move to Turkey

Your perfect home is waiting for you in this gorgeous country.

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